So what is Pimax actually doing these days?

So exactly what Pimax staff are actually doing these days? I notice there is basically no update to backer what so ever in this forum and the only people that still talk are just backers and no one from the official channel are making any replies to backer’s questions.

some of the questions that are still being ask on daily basic are as following:

1/ what happen to all the backer’s rewards Pimax had promised? (audio headset, eye tracker, glasses frame, wireless option…etc…as far as I’m aware the eye tracker was already done like 3 months ago but Pimax doesn’t want to sent any out with zero communication to backers)

2/ what happen to all the “additional stuff” backers had order? (extra face pad, extended cable, base station, controllers…etc), I brought extended cable with my pledge but so far no words on it whatsoever so I ended up making my own extended cable in the end.

3/ what happen to the $100 coupon for changing from 8k to 5k+?

I mean, I’ll be honest, as a backer I really don’t care about your amazon store which is really the only thing I see coming from official Pimax statement in the recent days…but since I already have the headset so I don’t plan on buying any additional headset…especially with this kind of lack of communication between backer/buyer and Pimax staff.


Crickets are in full swing in my neck of the woods


They did announce awhile back. Controllers & LHes aim for Q3 (likely sometime this summer). pimax DAS aiming for Q4.

@sweviver’s hire & he & @PimaxUSA mentioned pimax is in process of opensourcing. SweViver has stated they are being reserve on dates is they want to be able to give a more definite answer.

We’re getting there; just slower than either side prefers.


@PimaxUSA mention May will be a busy month… So i assume many things are going on behind the courtain, but no public infos about it…


Either that or tomorrow will be the single greatest day ever.

Changes which backers can feel:

1.Service desk and customer service. Service desk can be replied in 24 business hours now, and chatra in official website can be replied in 15 minutes now.

2.The logistics: Today, we can make sure every order would be shipped out from oversea warehouse in 48 hours and next week it will be 24 hours.

i have some work now and will update the answer of your questions latter

18 Likes headset,eyetracking ,VR frame,base station&controllers ,face foam have made some progress, but these progress is not official released.(I will update the pictures of prototype as i can when it is prepared)

2.we are ready to send individual coupon for a while, but we are waiting for a proper chance which might be June.


@anon74848233, thank you for taking the time to tell us there is progress and we’ll see something when there is something to see.

I don’t know if Backers will care much about how quickly new orders will ship, unless the same logistics improvements will carry over to future KS rewards shipments. Is that what is being implied? Or are the improvements only directed towards future futurists?


Definitely, Yes :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:


In that case, this was a good May indeed. :slight_smile:


In short, there is a lot happening behind the scenes right now. May has indeed been a busy month and June will be even busier for sure. Of course the announcements and infos will come, and to give you a hint, the next one is not far off. Nor Pimax or anyone of you wants to see more delays of course, but every step taken must be done correctly without mistakes and this is probably the reason why you dont see daily/weekly updates nowadays.


@SweViver have you seen OR tried the audio headset yet?


Not yet. I think Kevin has tried a few samples. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:


Handtracking isn’t even mentionned…
Has it been abandonned?

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No its not, but its all up to the 3rd party (leap motion) to deliver the units, which seems to be delayed for some time now.


Hope a version will be made with valves audiosystem, that it will be more expensive is ok and for use that should get a free headstrap just do so we can pay the difrence.


Yeah but they didn’t really say anything did they. We already knew they were “working” on them.
Very disporting to say the least. A year an a half and they can’t even ship out face foams or prescription inserts. also don’t understand why the DAS would take so long, the final design of the HMD has been done for what 2 years now? also wheres the 3 things of content? Cant pimax just buy some codes of some good games/experiences and give them out?

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Well we all know the news that leap motion has been sold so it would be nice to hear some news on that front but I highly doubt we will get it (news that is)

The good news is that they still exist… :wink:


I don’t disagree that it’s disappointing, but it was more than the usual utter silence.

Hopefully the long wait means we can get something better than two year old games at this point! Although they have never been clear AT ALL on what could possibly be in the scope of this mysterious reward.

Since we have no choice but to wait, I prefer waiting with at least occasional updates to waiting with zero communication entirely. We’ve gone from 0 to 0.01!

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