So what is going on with the Reality Series?

26 days ago Pimax released their press statement regarding the launch of the Pimax Crystal HMD stating they are ‘planning to anticipate the Global Pimax Crystal Launch Day by mid-October 2022’.

‘Planning to anticipate’ phrasing aside, what is going on?

Mid-October has come and passed, November ist about to start and all I see when searchig for any news about the Crystal or, heaven forbid, the 12K, all I find is threads of customers asking why Pimax have yet again gone radio silent whilst not meeting a schedule that they set for themselves.

@PimaxUSA @hammerhead_gal @PimaxQuorra

When can we expect reliable information on your upcoming products? Why the radio silence?

EDIT: there is a myriad of threads with similar topcis and discussions. I am aware of this and am asking that we don’t repeat the same, customer-side communication in this thread but rather just ask the questions we have for Pimax and give them the space to answer. Thank you!


Alright, so absolutely no reply from Pimax on these questions, instead we get little teasers from @hammerhead_gal which appears to work for Pimax and forum members.

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