So we all know now that the pimax crystal is far from ready,could pimax give a statement when they think they will get it finished

So we all know now that the pimax crystal is far from ready,could pimax give a statement when they think they will get it finished… @PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA

Dont have to be exact date but wich month in 2023 you think,so we can invest in some other stuff first…

Okay i contacted some people that where at the show,the pimax staff over there told them that the release will be 3 a 4 months away…

So pimax please make an oficial statement about this,its important for some people !

I don’t think they should make an announcement tbh. People have constantly told them to stop setting dates that they are just going to miss as that causes the most tension.

They could make a statement that it has been delayed and they expect it in the first half of 2023, but what’s the point? That just leaves a window they will be criticized for and still might miss. They should just announce a date when they have them literally ready to ship.

I guess it gets trickier when they have taken money for pre-orders, and they had said hopefully before christmas for those pre-orders so it gets awkward there. They should probably update the KS dates at least to a few months further out. You can at least get the pre-order refunded if you want.

Really though, they need to stop giving dates as they never manage to match them as things always pop up and delay which is fair enough. I think they would avoid a lot of heartache by just saying “We’re working on this headset and it’s coming soon”.

They did not tell anyone any such thing.

Multiple people have been told by Pimax staff that release will be after CNY. So Feb, which is more like 2 months rather than 3 or 4. Is Feb reasonable to expect or are you still hoping for sooner?


Sorry to say,maybe you must watch watch some experiences on Mrtv then you hear what the pimax people told the user…

But also the time is needed to fix the lenses etc why a denial?..But its no problem for me if they can fix it its great…

By the way,they indeed stated its a production fault with the lenses… Lets hope they will fix it…


indeed…Thats what i heard and saw

i think crystal won’t be being shipped to the West before March/April 2023 and could be as late as summer time 2023. i’m no longer budgeting to buy 1 early (as in january’ish) like i was, i’m going to upgrade my pc around jan/feb instead (when the new ryzen X3D and intel 13900 KS cpu’s are revealed/released).

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Maybe build in a diopter adjustment will help with the problems? @PimaxQuorra

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yes that would be great, indeed it’s a feature that was touted by pimax when the crystal was 1st revealed although now it seems to have been quietly dropped.


Adjustable diopter sounds good! Or at least some standardized focal point? My guess is that the Crystal lenses don’t focus at infinity. Which most presciption inlays assume (they correct in a way that e.g. a near sighted person sees sharp at infinity). If the lenses and prescription inlayps (or glasses) of a person conflict with the HMD lenses then the result won’t be pleasing.
Probably less a problem for normal sighted people as their eyes can adjust to whatever focus point the HMD lenses might have.
All wild guesses. But it would probably be good if HMDs would have a standardized focus point (at infinity), so the normal glasses or the same prescription inlays correct into the right direction.

That said, lenses with a closer focus point might actually be better for near sighted people (which seem to be the majority in some countries) without prescription inlays or glasses? But then this focus distance would have to be made public, so people know that they cannot use usual prescription inlays or glasses that correct towards infinity - but that they need specific ones that correct towards this specific focus distance (like reading glasses do for a ~20 cm distance).


It might address the issue with the adjustment.

In fact, this should be considered if this feature gonna eliminate the issue and provide better gameplay experience.

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Thx for the reply,i think it will :wink:

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