So Star vr one is awesome. What the hell just happened?

210 horizontal 130 vertical. Literally your whole vision. All of it.
Amoled brightness and contrast at 90hz
Vr sli dual input compatible
Steamvr 2.0 tracking
Sdk optimized for nvidia vrworks
According to Star vr website crystal clear from edge to edge from their custom fresnel
Integrated eye tracking built in for dynamic foveated rendering
Embedded runtime for 3rd party apps (steamvr games in our case)

Did I just step into the twilight zone?


Why? This is totally relevant. Are you for real? Censoring this?

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Commercial use only iirc. If you want to get your hands on one its gonna cost you a ton most likely.

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Christ on a bike man. That is going to be expensive as hell. Awesome as hell, but expensive.


Yeah probably. (20 characters)

Especifications and images.


Relax guys. Because it’s commercial means that someone is working on a consumer version, or soon will be. Pimax has a chance to use the 8k as a stepping stone to the next one. It will simply take a little while to become available.

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Expect a “slightly” higher price than the “8k”. It’s not targetted to the consumer market.

Let’s wait and see exactly what sources other than the sales pitch has to say.

Resolution over that huge FOV: 1,830 × 1,464 per eye.

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Looks & sounds pretty awesome.
I want one i want one.
Can’t wait to hear some reviews when it launches.
Lucky for pimax it doesn’t seem like it’s competing in price or consumer market. Yet…

StarVR One might well be somewhat less awesome than you think.

[quote] RoadToVR:

As far as we know, the previous StarVR headset had a total resolution of 5,120 × 1,440, which would mean the latest headset is actually a downgrade in resolution, though the company says the StarVR One has up to 16 pixels per degree, which doesn’t seem to add up with the specifications the company has provided. We’ve reached out to StarVR for clarity on this apparent discrepancy.

The StarVR One comes with SteamVR Tracking 2.0 (the same tracking system used by the HTC Vive) built in, which supports a tracking volume up to 10 × 10 meters (33 × 33 ft.) using four base stations. A variant of the headset, the StarVR One XT, has built-in active optical markers which can support a variety of existing optical tracking systems through plugins provided by StarVR.

Considering the headset’s positioning toward commercial and enterprise sectors, we’d expect it to fall somewhere in the $2,000 to $10,000 range.

Most major VR headsets have moved away from soft headstraps to semi-rigid head mounts for added comfort through better weight distribution and balancing, though the headset still relies on a separate pair of headphones for audio.


SteamVR Tracking 2.0 support is unexpected.
In the commercial market, pimax met with a strong competitor.


i dont think its that shocking. steam tracking is the best going, and valve is very enthusiastic about getting companies to pick it up to the point that they do not charge to licence the technology.


No ofence to anybody but I want only point that title of this thread saying „Star Vr is awsome” - sorry I don’t get it, how ? nobody tested it, price is unknown , realse date unknown, lenses quality and supported software unknown … Some paper specs like Pimax did a year ago and IMHO not impresive RES. And devs might need a long months or year to finished it. This is madness


Yeah that’s actually a downside. Such resolution over 105 degrees, that’s worse than 1440p resolution for a normal FoV HMD, so prepare for SDE


And it will need to be very good, considering the expected price.

Aside: I think it’s OK for this topic to be in the 8K discussion area, since it is a competing product.

SIGGRAPH is less than 1km away from my apartment here in Vancouver… it’s $50 to get into the exhibitor hall. Should I walk over and see if I can demo the HMD? It’ll probably be a zoo there today since the announcement just dropped.


No, 210º horizontal and 130º vertical FOV.

Done moved it to vr accessories/gadgets as its not a discussion about 8k.

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No it’s just helping to get/keep forum organised. Neither is it censorship as we have topic categories.