So Rift S is the best news for Pimax

Its inside out tracking. So i cant play Sports Bar VR
It has fixed IPD. I had to return Oculus GO because the lenses were to close for my eyes and caused eye strain. Oculus admits that the software ipd is a limitation

this seems like a downgrade, and they are killing OG Rift for this.

Pimax 4 Life!!


In this case the inside-out tracking will be a lot better, it has 2 side and 1 top cam/sensor in addition to the two front sensors. So assume sports bar vr has a shot at working…

This is rift lite, intended to be low faff and cheap.

I agree overall this feels like a step backwards, Tech wise they should have let the quest take this spot fully and make a rift 1.5, but I suspect commercially (ka-ching) this is probably the better plan.

Pimax is barely viable until they have controllers, lighthouses and audio headstrap sorted, H2 may be pimax time if they are not too late.

The new HP looks good, although shame its v1 wmr tracking, more HMD’s to come though, 2019 is not done yet :slight_smile:

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God!, sports bar is like the worst game ever!.. More like gay bar!

The most promising latest gen1 VR hmd came from HP! The new Rift S(ucks) indeed, with even lower FOV, black levels, no headphones, no physical IPD, etc… It may be easier to setup but it is not what people had expected.

People would be a lot happier if they had a pass through cable from Quest for PC VR support.

More people would buy it, even Rift and Pimax owners, and use Oculus Store to buy games for mobile and PC…

They missed a big opportunity…

Such a shame for VRs future

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I would agree that this device is a Rift Lite, and would have no problem with that. Except you dont replace your Rift with a Rift Lite. Rift is dead, they stopped production you can no longer buy a Rift. Let that sink in.

Its nonsense.

With this move, oculus no longer has a product on the market with high end full scale tracking. The only products on the market now with this is the Vive and the Pimax

And i have to say the Vive cosmos looks really good right now, especially considering the Viveport infinity.

I just watched voodooDE’s impression of the quest and he says that he feels that FOV on the RiftS is lower than the Rift. What!!


Would a gay bar make it more appealing to you?


I can wait for gen2, right now I am happy with my 8K.

Yeah I would say Pimax is 1.85 gen.


As a VR enthusiast I am very disappointed. This is no good for the development of VR. Obviously they are focusing on the mass market with their Quest so they just make do with a 1.1 gen PC VR headset to fool around their long time supporters. Oculus does not have a big FOV (pun intended) of the whole VR scene. The mass market and enthusiast market are closely linked, and none can survive without the other.

Actually they can push forward a much higher spec headset as HP Reverb to, but they won’t. What a shame!

Still I’d like to look at it from a brighter side as much as possible. The inside out tracking should be good with additional cameras from earlier report of Quest. Pimax could considering this kind of tracking in the future. It’s much more convenient than using Lighthouse. Add wireless connection and it would be bliss.

Thankfully there are Pimax, HP, and maybe Google and Samsung. Recently there are pretty much good news for VR, so this is just a personal disappointment. Maybe I am still an Oculus fan boy at heart.:sob:


They literally canned Brendan Iribe and cancled a proper next gen rift for this steaming hot pile of an HMD.

On the plus side, Pimax now has some room to breathe. I wish Pimax could offer some Aspherical lenses to really boost the clarity on 5k+ and 8K. If godrays and distortion could be eliminated, Pimax would be the unstoppable champion.

Another plus is that I can sell OG rift, and there will be demand.


Basically it’s all about the Valve’s presentation today. If they introduce a new High-End HMD produced by themselves with comparable stats like 5k or 8k, Pimax will suffer a lot, if not,there will be nothing comparable to the pimax HMDs anytime soon, unless HTC surprises us with a real Vive 2.

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It would as like to hang with ya dad

Just bought a Rift S and I can confirm that, after updates from Oculus for tracking recently, SportsbarVR pool is more than playable. In addition, as a previous owner of a CV1 and now 5K+ I can say that I am absolutely shocked by the clarity of the screen on Rift S.

low faff and cheap also describes the case of the 5K+ I have, and we have yet to see any major components beyond the HMD from Pimax, and who can say at this point what the quality/ergonomics will end up being on those when pimax finaly decides to bless us with them. Hard to say since they are lost in the lore and mists of time as Pimax drags their knuckles into 2020 “developing and perfecting” them.

Agree, pimax is barely viable. In the mean time enjoying RiftS.

woah I bought Rift S to “try” from amazon but I havent even bothered trying sports bar because I assumed it wouldnt work. Ill have to try it.

If it works i my last excuse for selling my OG Rift would be out the window.

(Im still skeptical mind you. …it’s not that I dont trust you …hahaha)

What do you mean about the clarity? I know its nicer than CV1 but, im on the fence whether it looks better than 5k+ I think they are about the same.

Also my ipd is just on the upper edge of what is supported so i measured my fov using Real O Virtual and i get 90 degrees.

im going to confirm tonight whether my CV1 is higher for me.

That damn lack of ipd adjustment lowers fov considerably if you are on the higher end

Yes I agree, after Faffing around trying to get games to run properly , usually ending in what should be 5 minutes to do a quick game turning into 2 hours searching forums on why my games are not working. I decided its just easier to run my cv1 when I just want to have fun.

But playing Defector on a cv1 just looks so god damn bad to me now …so blurry.

So I decided that I would give Rift S a shot because as nice as Pimax is for sims, when you just want to have a great time (and compatibility for games other than sims) I realized that I need a stable hi res option.

I would not currently recommend Pimax as the “ONLY” headset someone owns. Its best as a supplementary headset because when it does work it CAN be glorious but at least right now its not easy to work with.

I likely would have considered an Index but Valve hates Canadians.

Well turns out after playing SportsBar a little more there is a little occulsion if the controller is to close to the face as you line up your shot in pool. This is the only occurrence I have seen yet with all the games I have including In Death using a bow and arrow, but hey it is what it is, a small gripe.

The clarity is something I see because there’s no distortion like in the 5K, a distortion that we all see to a certian degree and have to accept and “get used to”. Now imagine the 5K with no distortion across the whole FOV, this is what you see in RiftS. I can see that a wide FOV is not the be all end all of VR…clarity is a big factor as well to immerse you. The immersion level is higher on Rift S because of that clarity imho. Love the 5K+ of course but it has it’s drawbacks too.

Gotta say, having controllers now feels great and adds to the immersion and playabilty. Using them is a reminder of the incomplete state of Pimax VR at this time. I as well would not recommend pimax to a friend, yet. Having a blast on Rift S playing Robo Recall, Defector, Contractors and Seeking Dawn the way they were meant to be played…with friggin motion controllers.

So I played sports bar. The only ISO(Inside Out) tracking HMD i have tried was the Samsung Odyssey. And I must say I was impressed with the tracking. I was able to clear a table. It only lost tracking when i leaned over a bit too much to take the shot. I would lean less and then I could shoot.

The rift S could be my fallback headset to replace my rift. But My IPD is right on the upper edge of what the lenses can accomodate. So I measured in real o vertual and I can only see 90 degrees.

Also the IPD not being set to the same distance as my eyes, It can lead to some eye strain. (Not having IPD adjustment is such a bummer)

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