So my new cable lasted 720 hours before the snow started

8K+ fourth cable replacement, and this time I’ve been solidly playing War Thunder
every day so I can roughly calculate how long these things really last. call it 8 hours a day
for 3 months since I ordered off Amazon = 720 hours of usage for 100 euros.
I hear the fibre cables for the top models are better tho, but haven’t tried them.
(8 hours may be less so maybe its around 1000 hours they are qualified for)

Does anyone know if running at higher resolutions would wear these cables faster? I always run at 72hz but can play War Thunder at 200% in pitool on Potato FOV thats what I use most.

The lifespan of VR tether cables has nothing to do with the signals being carried over them.

The failures happen from fatigue from flexing. Usually at locations on the cable that get flexed in the same place over and over again.

Thanks, at least I don’t need to turn down the resoluition for gaming. I only use my headset for seated games so never really moves, and I duct taped the cable near the headset port (kinda like that heat-shrink stuff). 4th cable, I always just sit here barely moving so I don’t know anything else I could do to extend the lifespan of these things.

Ime these cables don’t last. I’d consider the fiber optic cable.

I often see people say this, but I actually don’t think seated gaming is generally any easier on the cable. It’s not the broad but minor flexing from moving around a room that fatigues these cables. It’s the pinch points. Anywhere that the cable is being kinked. And it may not be obvious when and where that is happening.

It’s actually possible for seated play to be worse. I find when I’m using my racing rig that the cable can be pinched between me and the seat. It’s easy to not notice this.

By the way, on my Index, I was having cable failures every 6 months like clockwork. Three things to take from that: #1 Tether cable failures from fatigue are not a Pimax specific issue. #2 Tether cables are a wear item. And #3 The frequency of your cable failures is not all that unusual. You are using your VR gear a lot.

Good answer, thanks. at least its a common thing so I’m not gonna drive myself crazy duct taping the cable down from PC to head :slight_smile: Plus I got this cable on Amazon and got the insurance for 10 euros so even after the warranty goes I might get something back this time, can’t afford the electricity to power VR anymore, let alone 100 every few months for cables.

I’d love to, but not available on 8k+ :frowning: unless I’m mistaken

ah yeh it cross my mind they aren’t compatible :frowning: