So I´m NOT happy with 8K!

Hello everybody,

I baked the Pimax 8K, since I already own the 4K.
I have the 4K with 40-60Hz in use, which is not so perfect at Elite: Dangerous (Planets and Stations).

So, I have backed “Pimax: The World’s First 8K VR Headset” with the following information:

Excerpt from Q&A of the Kickstarter side 2017 till today!

Q: What is the FOV of Pimax 8K?
A: The FOV of Pimax 8K is 200 degrees, which is close to human version. What is a big FOV VR feels like? you may refer to human eyes experiences.
Status: not reached by 200 degrees

Q: What are the differences between Brainwarp and asynchronous reprojection / ATW in Steam VR?
A: Brainwarp is a set of technologies used specifically in Pimax headsets. Brainwarp includes the VR technologies, including techniques similar to ATW. The goal of Brainwarp is to lower down hardware requirement, reduce latency, and boost refresh rate for a smoother VR experience.
Status: not reached - still possible

Q: Can I wear my glasses?
A: Yes, and we also recommend our customized perscription VR frame.
Status: not known - not realy today

Q: What is the hardware requirement of Pimax 8K?
A: GPU - GTX980/1070, CPU - i5, Memory - 8GB
Status: GPU minimum for 5K is GTX 1080 - for 8K = ?

Q: What is the refresh rate for games with Pimax 8K/5K?
A: 90Hz.
Status: 5K = 91Hz, 8K = 80 Hz - not reached for me

Q: When will you ship?
A: We will ship large volume on Jan. It is possible we ship the first batch on Dec.
Status: Delivery till Jan. 2018 from today

Q: We use customized low persistence liquid (CLPL) display.
A: CLPL is a new patented display tech we developed with our partner for VR specifically.
CLPL display featured with less liquid respond time and higher refresh rate. We have completely eliminated ghosting and improved brightness with the CLPL display. CLPL tech is on the same level with OLED in VR era. There are only minor differences in color contrast/temperature between CLPL and OLED. Also, CLPL can reach higher PPI/PPD with the same cost.
Our co-founders have over 20 years experience in display era, including many years in VR. Some of the core team members come from display industry and maintain close relationships with display suppliers. That’s one of the reasons why we care about visual so much.
Status: reached - or not, I must see

Q: What is the screen utilization?
A: Current utilization is 80% and is working to get closer to 100%.
Status: I don´t know

So, I will get an HMD that I´m not backed.

  • An 8K wich will not have 8K
  • 80Hz instead of 90Hz
  • 170 FOV instead of 200 FOV
  • An GTX 1080 (I bought in March) which is not sufficient for the 8K
  • A choice to choose a product which I do not backed AND all of the Testers said: they would choose that one (5k+)!
  • There is NO comparison 5K with 5K+!! I think, there ist no 5K since the photo from the testers of the sticker says: 5K.

The 5K was too bad to deliver so the 5K+ whith better displays is born. Why not with the 8K? And everyone of the testers said: do not go with the 8K rather the 5K+, because the 8K (i have backed) is too hardware hungry AND not 2x 4K = 8K!!

So I´m NOT happy with this.

-> But everyone says that’s the best thing there is, but not what was announced.

Please do not replay to this, because it´s only for my relief - nobody can change the product.


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LOL, seeing these kickstarter promises listed in a row indeed is funny. I guess it’s normal for kickstarter projects though to overpromise. At least pimax delivers something. But I agree with your post and this was the last time I’ve backed KS for sure, it’s just not for me.

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I’m satisfied with the product being delivered. If your not sell it and move on. Complaining on the forum won’t fix the problems listed. If your seriously upset by them then you have a chance to make quite a hefty profit from selling. Nothings going to change. Sorry.

I’ll never go back to my vive though.

Okay, let me clear these things up for you since you appear to have no will to try to figure them out for yourself.

  1. the fov of the pimax is 170 degrees horizontal, and from what I remember, the horizontal human FOV is about 220, and the difference between the current degrees of view in VR, and the degrees of view in the pimax are incredible and have been praised many times.

  2. Brainwarp is a software solution, and will come around with time, but sure, you win this one.

  3. ALL of the testers have said you can wear glasses with this headset, without custom prescription VR lenses

  4. They had not tested it at above 80 FPS, and some games do run with a GTX 1070 quite well, so it is indeed a “minimum” to enjoy.

  5. The frame rate issue was indeed a mess up on the engineer’s part, you are correct on this one, but has been addressed with transparency about it, if you followed it along.

  6. Name great products on kickstarter which were delivered on time. They did have the headset “ready”, but they wanted to perfect it FOR US, so we get a better experience than what we would have gotten.

  7. This is not something to debate, they literally do use their custom displays.

  8. Why does it matter? The IPD has to be adjusted in software, so the image has to move on the screen panel to best fit your focus points, meaning the screen has to be bigger than the actual image they need or will even see.

  9. The 8K is not “worse” than the 5K, they have their own pros and cons. The 8K is only “blurry” (we don’t actually know what this blurriness looks like in our eyes, because a lot of the short-term testers at the backer meetup prefered the 8K despite the “blurriness” existing then too.

Please don’t post something on a forum if you don’t expect people to debate your opinions.


Just to correct, the 200 degree FOV was clearly advertised as diagonal FOV. 170 is the horizontal FOV that they met, a bit of a marketing trick sure but they were really clear about it with huge graphics about it.

And the risk about the display not meeting 90hz was communicated to us before the kickstarter ended.


This I can explain.

The tasters said that at the Berlin meetup the 5k+ did not have a name yet.
“5k+” was chosen by VoodooDE, SveViver and Pimax CEO in Berlin shortly before backers arrived.

The units in the reviews are the same units that Pimax brought to Berlin, so they did not update the labels.

Hello zuiquan1,

your answer is unqualified

I write onla what goes on:

And i wrote, please, no reply, because no one can change the 8K!


Ok then lets’s debate your points:

  1. Pimax promised 200 degrees horizontally and delivered 170. Not sure how you can go around that.
  2. You agree, good
  3. Some Berlin testers said normal glasses were NOT good with the pimax HMD’s
  4. Which games do run well with a GTX 1070? Even Beat saber can’t deliver 90 hz sustained, for crying out loud: Pimax 5K+ VR Headset Review: Benchmarks and Analysis
  5. That’s ‘whataboutism’, not an actual point
  6. He doesn’t claim otherwise
  7. It matters because lower utilization equals lower resolution

When you baked it what kind of materials did you use? Do you have a recipe? I would love to bake one myself


I said only, there is NO test 5K vs 5K+ - because I think the 5K is “shit”



I will not bake anything until I hear from the tasters.



Did you want me to close this thread as no one seems to have listened to “not reply” ?

Please read your replay slowly - are you a troll ?


Just a huge nerd for puns, which can admittedly be seen as equally bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, please close this thread.

Thank you.


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  1. the 200 degrees was the diagonal FOV, which was shown and we took for granted as the horizontal FOV, that was a marketing thing at the time.

  2. skipping because we agree

  3. I don’t remember that, but in the reviews of the official testers they have said that glasses do tend to fit inside the headset, so I guess it just depends on the glasses, which is fair because some glasses are big and some are small.

  4. Check out sweviver’s postings of a whole video testing the headset with a GTX 1070, keep in mind that he was recording so he would have gotten a bit more frames without recording. Gaming on Pimax 8K & 5K+ with GTX 1070 Laptop? 19 VR Games Tested with Benchmarks! - YouTube

  5. Sure, yes, they failed to meet their original dealine. But they did so to improve the product, so this is actually good for the 8K.

  6. He seems to add it to his list of complaints, but I’ll let this point go

  7. True, but depending on your perspective this is fixable or terrible, so I guess this is an agree to disagree point.

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@Sjef if you’d like your having va good conversation with @BarShiftGames.

Please move those posts to a new topic & continue. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: