So I just realized I'm a sucker (may have overpaid for my Ryzen 5800)

So I finally decided to upgrade my pc after 6 years if not needing to.

I started with a i7-4790 and geforce 680

and managed to get by only upgrading the GPU to where I am today a 2080Ti.

So when I saw that AMD finally shafted Intel I knew an upgrade was finally in my future.

Then I saw a Ryzen 5800 available at my local Canada Computers and snapped it up quick.

After racing around gathering up parts for my perfect PC build

Here it is

I realized something. The reason the 5800 is available and none of the other SKUs of Zen 3 are.

Its a terrible Price !

The 5600x( 6 cores) is clearly the gamers choice because it oerforms the same as the 59xx chips in 99% of games
at $500 :canada:

The 5800x has 8 Cores and cost $680 :canada:

and the 5900x has 12 cores and cost $800 :canada:

i’m no mathematician but I think i’ve been had.

Now I dont have any high thread workflows as I dont do video editing or Blender modelling. So I dont NEED the 12 Cores … So maybe I can look at it as saving $100

But it’s more about getting the best deal right?

I really want to build this PC now and either way a 5800x is waaaay better than my 4790 machine.

Or i could wait …return the 5800x and suffer until the 5900x becomes available.

I juat dont want to wait…

what do you guys think?


Given the hardware availability issues this year, I think you need to make allowances. The 5900x will likely be hard to get initially. I think your choice is reasonable.

If you don’t want to wait, then go ahead and get it.


The 5800x is overpriced, but it’s an amazing CPU nevertheless. 6 cores don’t give you much headroom anymore for many games, so the 2 extra cores are definitely beneficial when looking ahead.

This is what the CPU usage looks like when playing Cyberpunk 2077, according to guru3d:

And that’s without the extra CPU processing needed for VR applications.


The only “drawback” of 5800X is that it has slightly worse perf/cost ratio, but otherwise it is as good as it gets. I am however confused by your reasoning. If you need additional cores then P/C ratio does not matter anyway, and you should wait for 5900X or 5950X. If you do not need them, you just paid a bit more for the best core you can get.


Yikes. Good to know.

I remember watching JaysTwoCents on MS Flight Sim and him saying he actually had to turn off cores to improve performance with the 5900 and up. Something to do with latency.

Seems like 8 cores is just enough not to have to deal with that headache

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Yeah, I think I’m just going to keep the 5800X … there will always be a “better” chip.

But I think the boost I’m getting overall from a 4790 is substantial enough that I will be happy.

Good advise here guys.


Yeah the 5800X has all 8 cores on one chiplet which is the max with the current architecture. Any more than that and it’s slowed down by the interconnect. I think they clock a little better than the 5950x too don’t quote me though I’d have to check.
The 5800X is maybe the sweetspot.


Avoid Amd if you play VR.

Make a research Reddit G2

add Pimax to the equation

and the conclusion is easy

It’s better to go with Intel

Ok amd is 7nm while Intel is 14 nm

But who cares ?

Intel is not having thermal or noise issues

Also some optimization that the AMD platform (CPU/GPU) now has

are coming next year for Intel cpu and Nvidia gpu with a firmware upgrade of the motherboard and a new NVidia driver

I think you’re mixing up CPU with GPU. It’s a very different beast.

Ryzen 5000 CPUs are superior in every way to Intel CPUs at the moment.

AMD CPUs run significantly cooler and more energy efficient because of the superior architecture and process node. There is absolutely no audible noise from CPUs.

The direct memory access optimizations will also come to Ryzen CPUs with Nvidia GPUs soon, so that’s still no reason to pick Intel.


You are an AMD fanboy

Lol have a day off :roll_eyes:


Interesting that the GPU is apparently not needed in Cyberpunk 2077 :wink:


I could buy you a 5600X here in Germany for ~380€ and send it to you :wink:
Of course, it might happen you will be charged with VAT or the like :wink:

Yes, that also surprised me, but I assumed it must be some Windows bug, because it’s directly from the review of guru3d:

Or maybe they made a mistake.


Where do you buy it at this price?

1 Like and have/had them for this price this week.

Mine arrived yesterday :wink:

Just had a look: Still on stock:


Great, now I just need to wait until my ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING gets the BIOS support and I will do in place upgrade. I might go the sucker way as @drowhunter though :smiley:.


my Asus Prime X470 Pro already got a beta BIOS for this (and mine is not a high end series board)
(i think my Ryzen 2700x is still good enough with 8 cores)

imho you already have support for the new Ryzen’s
2020/12/04 14.52 MBytes
“1.New CPU support
2.Offer a Re-size BAR Support option to enhance GPU performance.
3. Remove AMD 7th Gen A-series/ Athlon X4 Processors support”

the cpu list also has the 5xxx and reffers to the new bios so you can start as soon as you get you new cpu


Now that is a reply! I was just looking at BIOS updates for my board and noticed 5809 BIOS with cryptic “New CPU support”, but could not find any detail (apparently I am indeed a sucker :smiley:) about which CPUs and how it affects the old CPUs.

So if I understand it correctly 5809 does not remove the old CPU support (apart from the old APUs). This will be great as I am currently running 2600X (which is fine, but as I figured out 5800X is probably as good as it gets without changing the mobo and the memory, so why wait…).

Funny you mention ASUS Prime X470 Pro as it was my original choice (then I got it for my dad, and got myself ROG Strix instead).

Good news and thanks for pointing it out.


I’m in same boat. I want to upgrade from 2700x to 5600x but haven’t been able to catch one in stock. I do live near microcenter and they have had 5800x in stock but just don’t want spend $150 more then I need to or. Want to. Lol

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