So I just pledged for the 8K X, how do I get my 100$USD Discount from the 4K BE issue

I’m guessing the 8K X is the best headset they can make, if it takes till May 2018 I can wait.

when you pledge it, you add addition amount to the pledge requirement for that particular package. so for example tack on $100 to $949.00

I didn’t realize this at first, then just made a change my pledge after the fact. I think that should take care of it.

Wait what do you mean?

The Pimax 8K X cost 669 with shipping I key in 569 and it’s greyed out.

i think he didnt understand what you mean.

Please explain. I’m a little confused here.

It cost 649+20 = 669 for me to back the 8K X.

I’m supposed to have a 100USD Discount.

So it’s 569. Am I missing something.

I think Jwagner misunderstood you and thought that you want to ADD the pledge for the hand-sensor, which is 100$ additionally…
The logical way is: after funding pimax sends emails with an link to a Survey where you can Input all your Information. Extra pledges AND promised Discounts.
At least this is how i experienced it so far pledging…

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Same thing here. I put in a support ticket to kickstarter. I’ll let you know what I find out. I also contacted @deletedpimaxrep1 and @PIMAX-Support about this. no response yet from either.

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I contacted pimax support and they told me to do the whole change pledge thing.

It does not work. I tried it. Kickstarter will not allow you to enter an amount less that the set pledge amount, only more.

I sent Pimax support an image of what I backed.

Which is the 8K X and it cost 20$ USD to ship so it’s 669 USD

Here is what they said.


I’m saving this email in case they forgot to mail it to me because if they forget to mail it to me after I spent 569USD, I’m going to be REALLY MAD.

did you cancel the original pledge? what will prevent them from charging you twice?

It’s changing your pledge. Meaning swapping your pledge to another pledge,

Not keeping both pledges.

ok I got the same email. I asked if I could just add the hand tracking module instead.

I got the email to add 100 to your pledge and get the leap motion mod. I understand he says discount, but I took it as getting for 100.00 is the discount. Does this makes sense?

NEVERMIND, I see 4k BE, that was for something else, got it. My fault for confusion guys…

Just got a reply. they are going to send me the hand tracking module in place of the discount.