So i am backer 5493 and still didnt recieve nothing,and i am sitting here also with a broken 5kplus!

Still waiting here for my backers order 5493.
Also i still have a broken 5kplus here,but i DONT SEND that back before i recieve an new one.

Its unbelievable how much time its cost me from sending emails(with no responds)…
You are sending headsets to youtubers and GAME companies but leaving your orginal money investers in the cold!

So now i want a replacement for my 5kplus and i want my backers pledge 5493 !!!
Do something!!!

@mozi @anon74848233 @Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang


Old english saying
i wants dont get lol


Hi John added pokes & added an additional poke to help get this elevated. Have one thing I can do to try & help get this noticed.


Yea its complete silence again for some time now,its realy unbelievable…

I am realy afraid whenever i get my pledge,and i send my broken 5kplus back its gonne be again the end off communication with pimax…

And i can wait and wait again on the replacement…

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Yeah seems to be hit & miss. Did identify one issue is the communication chain. Hopefully have it sorted so the team can resolve that particular issue from happening again.

As mentioned added another layer. Someone mentioned a festival going on? So hopefully a response come monday.

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i am waiting to for the feedback of pimax. They said that would give this week . Until know nothing… maybe to much tickets…
@Sean.Huang and @Doman.Chen when i will have the answer?

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still silence… where is my 5KBE oled(xr) ??

and i am still here with the broken 5kplus…

How many years must i wait on a reply or on my device?
Its time to step up @anon74848233 and get me those damm devices…

its unbelievable how you leave your backers and money investors in the cold!
This is how you want to run the buisness?
If you go on like this,you will be broke in a year…

Sorry, i had it pimax… !
Two years of patience has ended.


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John it’s the weekend. Please try to be patient a little longer as difficult as that can be with the time frame. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Confusing did you 2 backings? so you resived 1 but not the 2?


That’s correct he has 2 hmds & only received one so far

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@anon74848233, @Sean.Huang, @mozi

Where is my 5KBE oled(xr)?
DO you got a tracking number?
Please some info…

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Sorry for the late reply.

I check the UK warehouse shipping record, your headset is not shipped out.

I will ask relevant colleague and give you respond tomorrow, next batch of 5K XR is suppose to arrive at UK warehouse this week.


okay i will wait again…

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same here, waiting for 8k, 5k+ broken. whats wrong with yours ?

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The case is falling apart… (cracking)


I noticed this too

i noticed a few cracks myselft but mine started disconnecting randomly and then died altogether, have you tried opening a ticket ? I am in contact with support and hope to get it fixed :wink:

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Sorry for the wrong message.

This is international transportation, and we don’t have much experience in predicting exact dates.
The accurately answer should be “on the way to warehouse”, but backers refuse to accept answer like this.

OMG, i’m getting crazy.


so is the 5K XR on my way or not?

just wanted to let you know that support team is really responsive and is very helpful! i opened 2 tickets for different problems and they answer quickly, (max 24h but because time zone is different from europe) and they are actually good at what they do. they got my problems covered quickly and they look for creative ways to solve a problem. i had much worse, bureaucratic support from bigger international companies. so initial order takes time, but they are there when there is a problem afterssales. keep it up guys, very positively surprised :+1:t2:

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For me its the other way around…
Bad communication,fals promises…

i am still waiting for 4 months for a replacement…
Now they are asking again for picures again,but they have that a long long time ago…

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