So how do I use the coupon code anyway?

so I got this $70 coupon code from pimax for the 10m cable I ordered during kickstarter, pimax had sent me a coupon for it due to not being able to produce the product…how do I use that coupon? I tried to punch the code in the “promo code” when ordering accessory but it said invalid code. I’ve try to reach back out on the ticket but it’s been 2 weeks and pimax still haven’t reply

thanks for the help @Asales


My best guess is “soon”.


welcome to the club, don’t order anyway if the coupon doesn’t work to get a refund afterwards with it. They will refuse it in my experience,

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Kontakt Asales as you did - you Need a new Coupon, they changed the System and will update it.
Also you should do that with a ticket (=support) as you did.

When you get the new Code (1-3 days) then go Shopping and the new Code will work.

they are catching up on tickets - so a small reminder or a PM to asales and it should get rolling.


would you please provide your order information and ticket , someone will assist you . Thanks.

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ticket #20209


Wait. I have two coupons now, a 100 dollar tax refund and also a 70 dollar cable refund.

Do I need to do something now to check if the coupons even work?

Add some stuff to your basket, get as far as payment options and type in the promo codes but dont checkout/pay.

Your a brave man accepting coupons over an actual refund.


I was already going for the eye tracker and maybe hand tracker, so.

And as much as I’m dissatisfied with Pimax and the reinvention of the meaning of delays, I am still a fan and am still hoping they can get past all this, simply because their product is fun enough but also because I knew how they operated from before the Kickstarter campaign. I’ll always root for the underdog.

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We appreciate your business, Happy new year.

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