So do new cables have any warranty?

I’m on my 4th 8K+ cable replacement, however this one only lasted 3 months before the snow started and I heard there’s a 6 month warranty, however I got it on Amazon and the option to return is disabled after 30 days. I even bought the 10 euro insurance for it. I can’t seem to find any solid info on it, so any info is much appreciated. Thanks.

i think you’ll get a new one for free from pimax, best creating a new ticket on the pimax support website.

if that doesn’t work, contact amazon and explain you’ve only had the cable 3 months before it failed. amazon refunded me for an 8KX after owning it for 6 months.
or you could claim on the insurance if you’re covered? but afaik that insurance they offer u on amazon is for accidental damage only?

thanks mate, I guess I’ll contact Amazon first maybe they’ll just replace it. I already went through the pimax ticket route before… waited weeks for them and then they send out another broken one. more weeks until i got an actual ‘new’ one.

Wow! I just had the best possible outcome, contacted Amazon, within 2 minutes he had offered a full refund, and I can keep the cable! Did not expect that to go so quickly :smiley:

Pimax’s warranty on cables is 6 months. I can confirm this because they wouldn’t replace my fiberoptic cable when it failed at 7 months and cited that the warranty was only 6 months for all accessories.

Thanks, good to know.