So are all the new deliverd 5k+ devices without the black dot issue?Or is it sill a lottery

So are all the new deliverd 5k+ devices without the black dot issue?Or is it sill a lottery?

i received without black dots but i think the cable its not good. i have flickering white dots in screen,


I’ve only noticed one person reporting having received a black dot panel unit in weeks. But no pictures and I don’t read every post.


Same here. I don’t have black dots, but have flickering white dots instead. They want me to make a video of it which I will try to do, but it isn’t easy with just a mobile phone.

The flickering white dots is because they use cheap cables,i have that also but just a little bit…

I don’t know if mine has them or not, I’m not about to go looking for something that might annoy me later. They won’t accept an RMA for black dots, so why would I want to know if I have them?


if they are there you will see them.

i am asking because they dont need to be there…

I’ve only been playing E:D so I’m not entirely sure I would see them? I’m still not going to go looking for them! Instead I’ll work on learning howtf to use the FSS…


No dots here 202020202020

Everybody loves poles, I mean polls.

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If they were there you would definitely see them. In mine its like a firework show at its worst. Dark scenes is where you see them most. So in Elite Dangerous they are obvious and in Project Cars 2 (daytime driving) you don’t really see them as much.

The biggest thing that make you notice is the screen cutting out briefly every so often.

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I thought I didn’t have black dots for about two weeks until someone essentially forced me into seeing them, lol. They’re there, albeit only in a certain circumstances and only if I look for them. For me, they’re like the flecks of mica on a rock that you can find if you’re looking under enough sunlight.

Anyways, after he showed me, I went back to not looking for them, and for all intents and purposes it’s like they’re not there. But they’re there.


Mine’s clean as a whistle, no black dots, no sparkling, no cracks. The only issues I have are the light-bleed from the nose area, and an odd distortion right in the centre of my vision, like one of the lenses is smudged or something.


#5255, I have Blacks dots (not dead pixel) and sometimes there’s withe dot flickering.

My replacement dp cable from pimax arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


We’re all eager to know if it fixes the problem

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I thought mine was black dot free but noticed it slightly on a screen completely black with a orange circle in the center. Has not been an issue in any other scenes. I may have never noticed it if it was not a known problem and the degree of it was far lighter then some examples shown. They have corrected it but apparently not completely removed it.