So after a month using the 8k, the thing I hate the most is

The fog, really, it’s terrible, worse than Gear VR, this thing gets fog like crazy, I’ve tried everything, and the worst part it’s that it’s winter here in Spain and I’m not sweating at all, so in summer it’s going to be unbearable.

I absolutely love the 8k as a device, but really it’s the kind of stupid thing that makes you want to stop using the headset altogether or go and sell it, since the pixel pattern, fov, resolution etc doesn’t matter if for 15-20 minutes you can see a thing on the headset.

I think this hasn’t showed up much as an issue since at meetups the headset is constantly working at the lenses are always heated, but on daily use its really annoying.

I never had this problem on the Vive since the screen was always pre heated, so Im calling @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR to please add something to fix this.


Have you tried an Anti Fogging solution for ski Goggles?

I think RainX might have a good quality one thst works well.


does the vive n chill attach to pimax? I believe you’ve talked about this before but I dont think ive heard anyone else mention fog at all


Eventually, we will all get a cooling fan module, which was a Kickstarter bonus. That should help, but who knows when we will finally get it?


Fog? Can you explain better? Do mean when you breath it causes fog to appear on the lens?

It should be better in the summer though as your room temp is higher and therfore able to hold more moisture and the air humudity is generally lower in summer :slight_smile:


i remember one reviewer said the anti fog on pimax is really good. he tried to make it fog but it wont. cant remember which reviewer it was

I have often had the same problem with most VR headsets I was using, this small desktop fan below helped considerably to keep the fog at bay:

just point it at your head (front) while playing, of course if you have an air conditioning unit in the room you’re playing, it solves the problem even better.


Basically it happens when the difference between the temperature of your face is significantly higher than that of the HMD lenses, so fog appears. It can be compensated either with pre-heating the headset like Vive does (if you touch the frontal part of the Vive, it’s always slightly hot) so both your face and the lenses are at an equal temperature, or by lowering your face temperature using a fan, AC, specific face interface or other meanings.

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It’s an option, but it only works if you’re always facing the fan, which doesn’t happen much in VR since you can be looking 360 degrees and aren’t usually seated, and also during winter it’s annoying to have something blowing cold air in your face.

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The first few minutes of the lens warming up will cause condensation to appear on it.

You options to combat this are:

  1. A microfiber cloth, just wipe the lens after the first couple of mins of play, keep doing it until the lenses warm up.

  2. Keep the HMD in a warm place. If you vs the HMD are ever different in temp then it will happen.

  3. Do not put sprays on the lens, some of them may remove any coating that Pimax have used. Instead follow the same guide for SLR lenses


I had the problem with Gear VR and with my Lenovo Mirage Solo even more, I solve it with Muc-Off Anti Fog.


Warm it up with a hair dryer before you use it. 20 seconds form about 20 inches from the lens should do it.


Back in the ages of the dinosaurs, when we would go diving or snorkeling, we would spit into the mask and rub our spit around the lenses and then put them on and go. It may sound gross, but spit is a great anti-fogger, it has no added chemicals so you don’t have to worry about messing with the lenses and it’s fairly cheap!
If you try this, don’t use much as you can’t rinse them like we did our masks, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: !


Exactly what I would do. This should help! As long as the lenses are warmer than the rest inside the HMD including your skin, the water from the air should condensate somewhere else.

Also, try some moisture absorbers.

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I have an ant-glare clear wax stick that I acquired as a sample long time back, I use it on my Rift and glassed. Keeps my glasses from here in Canadian winters for days even weeks depending on how much I polish." It just appears to be clear “crayon wax”, Maybe something like that would help?
PS This works on the inside of my car windshield as well and lasts all season.


Should be ideal for racing sim players then :rofl:

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If it’s the same as Rain-X, it’s not just wax. It looks like Rain-X no longer makes the wax stick version I used long ago, but this might do the trick:

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Right. Actually, I just realized I have a simple solution: My case has a vent on the top. If I just store the headset on top, the unit will always be warm (since my computer is always on). I will need to dislodge a cat though and I worry that she might knock the headset off.


Have the cat take a nap in the hmd :wink: