Smart Plug control from Windows (for base stations)

I’ve scoured the Internet to find a way of controlling smart plugs via a windows PC without having to use an Android emulator.

I just want to automate the switching on, but more importantly, the off, of my Vive base stations when I’m using my 8kx. I keep forgetting them when I’ve finished running VR and have left them running by mistake.

I know some people don’t mind leaving them running all the time, but I’d rather switch them off, as my usage is quite intermittant.

I just haven’t found any way to run them from just a PC…

Hello VrTester,

one possibility would be WLAN sockets.
e.g .: Delock WLAN Power Socket

switch simple via http: e.g .:


Thanks for the suggestion Uwe.

I’ll check them out.