Since KS showed 1 eye tracking module above the word 'free', it seems fair that Pimax has given a $100 discount for eye tracking if the $50 controller credit is given to all backers

If the controller switch $50 discount is only for backers switching controllers, it should be changed to a $50 credit for any item to all backers regardless if they switch controllers or not. That brings the total bundle credit up to $150, half the cost of eyetracking.

I also dont think the MAS should be sold without the comfort mod, as headset comfort needs to be improved and I think we should be asking to see the new controller design without wrist tracking rings which hasn’t been shown yet and for the following changes to happen.

To make this right Pimax should really focus on improving lense/panel placement, making new lenses and adding an eye relief dial to bring lenses closer or further from eyes,
as there is no point in buying an eyetracking module or a new headset for a significant chunk of users who cant use the headset for more than 10-15 minutes because of excessive eyestrain, even if the eyetracking works.

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA These are recurring concerns on Reddit. The eye strain/distortion issue (which is not resolved for all users by software IPD sliders) is most probably due to lenses, lense placement, canted display angle or lens distance from eyes, which need to be looked at and altered/changed, and this ideally needs to happen before the 8K X releases.