Simulation Sickness

Continuing the discussion from Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building:

I had the same issue (slightly nauseous for several days). I don’t go anywhere near vr unless I am at 100% and the headset is headset is tuned just right (IPD/etc). I can play for hours with no issues if the game has teleport and good tracking. If not, ~15 secconds before nausea hits.


When I first started using my Vive to play Elite Dangerous I did feel a bit queasy when bouncing around a planet’s surface in an SRV, but it only lasted a few days and I quickly adapted to it. Now I don’t get motion sick at all in VR, not even if I lose tracking (which is more often than I’d like thanks to my cat always pushing the door open and blocking one of the lighthouses :smiley:).

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Smooth turning without following with head gets me everytime.

My first MoSick moment - Toskana demo on DK1 (the stairs !!).

When I got my first own headsets, the Vive and Rift CV, these were my MoSick triggers when I tried the games for the first time:

  • Ethan Carter (really bad, remains slightly uncomfortable for me till today)
  • Project Cars (going through bends; but at the time I would also raise my hands in in horror when crashing… :joy:)
  • Elite (even wild maneuvres in the ship would cause slight nausea, the 180 turn when launching from a pad was uncomfortable; and SRV rides killed me - and the latter would still kill me if it weren’t for the locked horizon option)

I don’t really get motion sickness, or haven’t yet, but Ballistic NG with all the comfort options turned off is an endurance test. For those affect by it, I imagine it would be hell.

That said, Albino Lullaby made me feel it more. It was just a horrible mess to look at.

Curiously enough, I often play most of the best racing sims, flight sims, Elite Dangerous etc but never really feel motion sickness on my Lenovo Explorer, but there’s an old game that gives me quite some discomfort after some minutes: Serious Sam VR The First Encounter, this game is so much silky smooth that gives the brain really a bad feel of something unnatural happening; when I was using the Oculus DK2 this feeling was even more bad than on the Lenovo, and almost vomit inducing…

So I think it’s clear that super smooth gameplay is not always a good thing, and there is way more involved in this nausea inducing “equation” in games.

True. I have a friend who can barely play first person shooters, even on a 2D monitor. He’s had this problem since the original Wolfenstein (the game before the original Doom). He’s looking forward to trying my 8K, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to use it for any length of time.