Simply adding a top strap and a counterweight to the back of my Index increased comfort, reduced eye strain, improved clarity, and improved immersion. This could be done on Pimax too

The first thing I did was add a soft strap in the middle in order to distribute the weight better. I used an Apache DAS Studioform strap:

Then I added a counterweight on the back which was simply a battery bank held by some rubber bands.

I don’t know what it is, but as soon as I made these changes, I felt much more immersed in VR. Probably because when I moved my head around, my headset stayed perfectly in place and in the sweet spot and moved in sync with my head.

I also noticed the eye strain that I used to notice often disappeared. Maybe it’s because the lenses were raised a bit higher with the strap than without one? And the clarity improved as well.

So I think if people try the Pimax 8K X and are having trouble finding the sweet spot, they should try adding at least a strap on top to keep the headset perfectly balanced.


The Pimax headsets do have a strap on the top. I agree with you on the counterweight. I added one, shortly after I got my 8K and it really helped the comfort, especially the pressure on my nose and cheeks. I can wear mine for 5+ hours (continuous, no breaks).

A counterweight makes a huge difference!


Yeah, for sure! What counterweight did you end up using and how did you attach it?

The solution I’m using is a bit uncomfortable on my neck lol because I can feel it pressing into it and when I move my head I can feel the rubber bands delay the movement of the battery bank.


Also yes the Pimax 8K X has a similar top strap to the Valve Index. But I think adding that additional larger side to side strap seems to keep the headset more in place.


I took 2 smallish steel wrenches, taped them together, and attached them to the back of the headset with the Velcro strap which secured the Pimax cable for shipping. Strictly a kludge, but I’ve been using it for over a year now and it works great. The weight is 11.1 oz, which is about half the weight of the headset itself.


Yep. I added a 7 ounce weight to the back of my Vive DAS/StudioForm strap last year. I used a plastic pill bottle filled with nuts and bolts stuffed in a small felt pouch. Works great.


Yeah I added counterweight to my 5k+ way back because it was unusable without it


Do you think you could be able to use the very same material Pimax used for the comfort kit? If the MAS/DAS still isn’t perfect for some heads, it would be great to improve it with more zone with the same type of feeling.

Hey @Davobkk, I didn’t know you are active on this forum :slight_smile: I came across your counterweight on Studioform and ordered it before I saw your offer.

It looks like a great solution.


I use the apache top strap and a counterweight for ages now. Way too much neckstrain without counterweight!

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Anybody got the skills to make something we could 3d print that would work as a counterweight?

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A soft cloth pouch filled with lead pellets should conform to shape comfortably.

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