Sim Rig Setup!!

Setup :

  1. Simucube 2 Pro Wheel Base
  2. simDiD DX480 Analog
  3. WRC Paddle Shift
  4. Simagic P2000-TBC (Custom built CNC machined hydraulic master and slave cylinders)
  5. Simagic Sequential Shifter Q1
  6. Conspit Seat
  7. Platform 4 Actuators + Double TL + Surge
  8. Ascher-Racing F28 V2 Wireless Wheel
  9. X-GT Dual Clutch Transmission

We are sincerely appreaciate the sharing by our user “klanhl” , a Chinese Sim-Racing Enthuasiast!


Looks awesome but if I would have a rig like that I would definitely go for a three monitor setup and it looks really small but I guess Asian people are a bit smaller but definitely nice rig but pretty expensive I guess I just have a next level racing seat and Fanatec gear and that already was costly and no motion what so ever

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