Sim Racing In The Yaw VR Personal Motion Simulator And Pimax 8KX

Today I am taking the Yaw VR personal motion simulator for a spin in Project Cars. Up until now I have never really enjoyed sim racing much. I mean it is cool but even with the addition of VR and a force feedback wheel and pedals system it was never enough to trick my brain and just didn’t feel natural enough.

Well I am happy to say that adding motion was the missing link and my brain just kicked into a sense of presence as I just drove… Something about feeling the sensations of acceleration and tire slippage as well as feeling forces virtually pushing against my body in tight turns was exhilarating! If you have the means I can’t recommend this setup enough!!!

If you are interested in learning more about any tech I am using in this video please head to the links below the check it out or to make a purchase which really helps me out! []-)

Yaw VR Personal Motion Simulator:

Pimax 8KX:

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