Silicone Protective Sleeve

I noticed that the Sleeves are unavailable @PimaxUSA

any idea when they will be back in stock?

Also does anyone have one of these i want to see what the look like in a video.

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Yes, I got one back then as compensation for the cracks. Unfortunately the bit ugly grey one and I’m bummed that I’ll get another one with the backer box. Theres really no need of having 2 of those. I just hope that I will be at least the black one that comes with the backers box…

But despite the unflattering color, it does it job well covering the cracks.
Designwise it okish I guess, apart from the fact that you need to remove the hinges.
No biggie, but as it does not really provide a tighter fit (overall tight enough) that part could have been left out to provide an easier installation and swap-capability for guys that (not me) like to switch covers as on smartphones on a regular basis.

How the sleeve will work with extensions is yet to be seen, as I won’t use the ET and have no clu when to expect my HT. (almost no HT coverage for now btw., strange)

If you are still interested to see it in a small video I could make a quick one and send you a private listed YT video or via wetransfer. just lemme know

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That would be great, I definitely think black would look best but, i was hoping there was a white one for that storm trooper look.

(well a storm trooper full of holes anyway :rofl:)

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