Sick of the lies (Resolving)

Empty promise after empty promise. First I was told I would receive a tracking number on Tuesday. Then my package GETS LEFT BEHIND. Then I was promised a tracking number today, and now I’m being told I won’t get it for another two days.
I’ve had enough of the lies and vague, unhelpful answers. I want my package shipped today, @PimaxQuorra @Konger @pimax @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA
I honestly don’t know who to talk to since most of the time I get vague, generalised answers HOURS after asking them.
VERY disappointed with the customer service. Keep in mind I have ALREADY PAID.

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@PimaxQuorra @Konger is this real?

Hi Ellik8101,

This is the old tracking number, as it showed SG EMS.
But we have assigned FedEx to handle the shipment.
We been talking to Sally, and she will assist to ship out the parcel by today.


What time will it be shipped?

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I was promised it would be shipped out yesterday. How is this time any different? What time will it be shipped out?

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When will the next shipment be going out? Pimax support said not today, stop lying. When will the next shipment go out?