Show Us Your Flight Gear and Cockpits

Hi all,

As we got an off topic warning from the Elite Dangerous thread I thought I’d create a dedicated thread. So here’s my cockpit and a link to my Youtube channel where you can see extensive footage (possibly too extensive) of me creating it.


So I want to leave my cockpit also in this thread:

I´m playing Elite Dangerous only with my Vive Pro! In the meantime (you see a DK2 on the Photo) I was upgrading my cockpit with two monitors, so I can also play non-vr games :wink:

The complete list of the material I used:

If the google translator ist to inaccurate, I can maybe help to understand my german text :wink:



Interesting - are those bass shakers on the floor plate/board?


Time to save up for a motion platform… :heart_eyes:


Without breaking your NDA, do your seat side hoops conflict with the HMD?

I’ve been thinking I’m going to have to swap my seat out for one without hoops for the 8K.

I was worried about that actually. But so far no problems as long as I dont move around like a mad man and look through car windows lol.

I dont think you need to swap yours.


Thanks SweViver

I’ll try it out then first, before parting with more cash :slight_smile:

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Yep, thats a smart move. I think if you really move around a lot while doing dog fights in IL2 or War Thunder you may touch the hoops, but I’ve never done that yet.

Do it! My pic above is a 3dof, 2 vertical, 1 horizontal for traction loss. Very fun stuff. If only E:D had actual telemetry output…

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Are those stepper/servo motors I see on the verticals? I’m assuming if so then they are using ballscrews for motion similar to CNC?

That’s got me thinking now, having quite a bit of spare CNC kit lying about :slight_smile:

They’re SCN6 linear actuators. The shaft at the end of the actuators sit in a cup, basically. The one laying horizontally has its shaft bolted to the bottom frame of the rig, which sits on ball transfer unit type bearing things (idk the technical terms of that), so it allows it to slide the ass end side to side.


Yes, Buttkicker mini’s. It’s a very nice addition to flight sims, and a ‘cannot ever go without again’ addition to car racing sims.

Still dream of a motion sim platform sitting there.

And by the way, what a great name. Pratchett fan here.

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@SweViver , look into Simhub if you haven’t already, vibration for sims is great with VR.


Now I’m starting to understand why Aluminium extrusion is sometimes in short supply.

Some wonderful pits here :slight_smile:

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my diy solution



I use a custom built “SpitSim EDGE” gear. Takes me 2-3 minutes to exchange the Spitfire spade replica with a B8 handgrip.

BTW, this are older photos. Just a week ago I have successfully integrated the SubPac (black) into my JetSeat SE (Simulator Edition, olive green). It is the perfect match, both in function and in their form factor. You’ll recognize a Rift and a Vive ─ missing is still the Pimax…


Wow Venom that is a hell of a setup!

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Yeah I’m loving that Spitsim. Very nice indeed.

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