Should we crowdfund PImax 8K/5K HMD shells?

Hi chumps and chumppettes,

I think it’s high time that we start crowdfunding Pimax accessories ourselves. By crowdfunding, more like doing a competition where the winner will be allowed to open up an account on Paypal to get some funding, in the form of pre-order money, for production. And by accessory, I mean specifically a protective case for Pimax HMDs that would protect the frail plastics from bumps and scratches.

My thinking is members with means to create prototype should post their design and we, as a community, would vote for the best design. The person who gets it would get all the “pre-order” money from us (please do commit if we were to do this for real) to start producing the accessory. Those who have contributed money may then order one and only be charged for shipping and handling.

What do you reckon?

EDIT: I understand the concerns that may rise from these sort of things, but it would take years, if ever, for a company to start producing one for us to purchase.


Why not just crowdfund better casings period instead of doing shells to hide cracks and whatnot?

Shells are meant to protect as well and has the side benefit of hiding cracks since in most cases they only happen around the edges of the device.

Actually what matters is that the edges are covered. I’m thinking of something like this:
Those bumps on the corners would be perfect for Pimax.

Not sure about the flat parts of the HMDs though, based on experience I bump them with controllers quite often playing Beat Sabers.

Interesting idea, but have you noticed the photos of cracked devices… A lot of them are cracking from the inside out… It does not appear to be cracking from impact on the plastic from external force, but from something inside the unit pushing on the outside frame.

A protective cover won’t stop those kinds of cracks.


Is this true? I honestly have only seen one picture but I didn’t look closely since it scared me, so I do read reports of broken devices but I always skip past the pictures.

Dang… then could it be that people are cracking their devices left front and center due to them trying to install the DAS adapters? At any rate it’s still is a production flaw, perhaps the form factor is too packed? So many questions…

Anyway, if that is indeed the case then it’s all down to Pimax coming up with a metal bracket or something to support the device as a whole to make sure that they don’t burst open at the seams due to the stuff inside trying to come out like effin alien chestburster.

There have been quite a few owners that have posted photos, and some of them are indented cracks (outside in) but a lot if them are cracks with bulges from the inside out.

Indeed which was why I asked why cover the problem rather than fix it?

Protective shells like cell phones have wont solve anything as they are cracking by themselves without being hit etc etc.

The casings have a defect so the solution is to change the casing to a non defective version that is of better quality.

While I have no doubt the hits and some cracks can be “from the outside” seems like most complaints are cracks for no reason(not being hit or dropped etc) and more from stress or poor plastic/too thin plastic and shoddy manufacturing.

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