Should I wait or should I buy?

Im curious about the 8k x and dont know if I should wait and skip the trouble with the service or should I buy and shorten the wait.

What you guys think?


I own an 8K and ordered an 8KX back in January. The 8KX should be a great VR headset, with a few flaws, like any other headset (or product, for that matter). Pimax has become infamous for their delays, but personally, I’m pleased with their hardware.

Do note that all these headsets are “enthusiast” products on the bleeding edge of technology. Your 8KX (if you get one) will likely need a bit of DIY customization before it reaches its full potential. You will also need base stations and VR controllers. I’d suggest getting those directly from Valve, via Steam, since there are long waits to get them from Pimax.

If possible, I recommend trying a 5K+ or 8K model, to see how well the canted (angled) panels work for you. Some people see distortions have other issues. Personally, I find my 8K to be a good headset, but I don’t like the SDE and the lack of fine details (both of which should be fixed by the 8KX.

Read the 8KX reviews on this site, as well as some of the complaints posted on this Forum.

If you are comfortable with all that, go ahead an order one. If not, you may want to consider a G2 or an Index. If you don’t mind waiting several more months, you might consider buying an 8KX through Amazon, or similar reputable seller. That will reduce the hassle of returning it, if you have to.


I own a 5k + and XR. I also have all needed equipment!

I just feel like the service will kill the joy by not helping at all.


Ah. Then you are fully aware of Pimax’s pros and cons. It comes down to a few things: How important is a wide FOV, how comfortable are you with continuing to patronize Pimax, do you mind waiting a few more months?

For me, the answer was clear: I wanted a better 8K, not some other headset, so I went ahead an placed my order. I think the backer discount is still available, but could end at any time. Therefore, I suggest you make a decision soon.


I think they closed the upgrade program but at there website its still showing. Maybe u got a link?

It’s here:

The site let me put a unit in my cart, so you might still be able to order an update.

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Im no backer but thanks :slight_smile:

No, do not buy!! Pimax is not respecting pre-orders numbers. So there is NO advantage AT ALL to pay them now your money. A guy who orders months after you could get shipped first. So there are literally only disadvantages to pre-ordering anything from Pimax.

At this point I’d highly recommend to buy it from Amazon instead. Or maybe wait to see how the G2 will be received next month and then make the decision (if you can live with lower FoV)


I would say that if you’re in no hurry, and it sounds like you are not, then wait. There are always endless new problems and delays right now.


  1. General shipping confusion and delays
  2. Missing foam pad issue
  3. MAS hinge issue

I agree and would add:
4. Better MAS audio solutions coming
5. Possible USB 2 / USB 3 port hand tracking module issue
Update, 6: Two face foams (still not arriving yet)


Wait for it to show up at amazon

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Just curious, what’s this referring to?

I would buy now and join the queue.

My 8KX is the best headset I have, I use it over my Index and Vive Pro, and it’s also a lot better than the 5K+ I had as a loaner. It wasn’t great for playing Eleven Table Tennis, but the new upscale beta has solved that problem with 114hz.

The minor teething problems will be solved by the time you receive it, and the full feature set of the 8KX make it the only 2nd gen headset - eye tracking or hand tracking, wide FOV. I personally would never buy another headset that doesn’t have wide FOV.


Which queue? There is no queue, that’s the whole problem. There’s a bag of orders from which they completely randomly pick some. So pre-ordering really is useless with them.

The system you describe would actually benefit somebody who orders today, because there is a finite chance that the order will be delivered tomorrow.


That would completely depend on how many unfulfilled preorders there are in the system right now and how many will be received after his order. If he’s lucky he indeed might get it earlier. But man it sure does s*ck to find out that people who placed their order (way) later than you, are getting theirs already.

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Something I was reading in reddit this morning. Put ‘Possible’ because I have no first hand experience of it.
"The usb-c 3 port on the X is not performing right is correct. Pimax is looking into this; but have endorsed a user worksround in the meanwhile of an extra cable to connect directly to pc. "

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Like with any new product unless you want to be on the front line with a release. Typically best to wait for the product to demonstrate stability.

  • Index Controller issues on release come to mind.
  • RTX release issues come to mind
  • HP Reverb g1

And the list goes on.


I would wait until they start selling on amazon.

At least that way you wont have to deal with the hassle of taxes, admin fees; havnig bits shipped at different times etc.

The price on amazon will be the price you pay and will get everything in one go.


Couldn’t say no for 900 euros ^^