Short review of the Pimax 5k+

-Pros and cons.
The resolution and FOV are massive pros.
Biggest con is comfort, the Pimax pinches my nose with low PD settings, this will hopefully get fixed with better foam and the better headstrap as well (in fact I see on reddit this has already been fixed in the latest pitool, I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet).

-How the FOV immersion you into the game.
I primarily use the Pimax to play DCS world, and a high FOV is a huge advantage in that game in order to see what is going on around you. The Pimax feels a lot less like you are looking through a pair of ski goggles like the original Vive does.

-How does the resolution make you read text clear?
It is SO much easier to read gauges and instruments, this was my biggest annoyance with the original vive. Identifying targets is also much easier to help with avoiding those friendly fire incidences.

Performance(Your gaming experience with Pimax, you can share not only one game experience) Also, would like to hear about your RIG. It can help others know about the FPS ish.
As far as Performance goes it isn’t the best yet, but Eagle Dynamics should be pushing a big VR performance increasing patch some time this week. Not to mention fixed foveted rendering… I am hoping between these two improvements that DCS will be much more playable in the near future.

Concluding Thoughts
Once the improved headstrap comes out as well as some performance improving patches to pitool as well as the VR game I primarily play (DCS World) I can stop flying on a 2d screen and really enjoy the immersion of VR much more often. All of my cons are easily fixable as the product and software continues to evolve.

i7 9700k @ 4.9GHZ
1080TI with EVGA Hybrid mod