[Short initial impression] The Pimax 5k+ is not finished yet

There is still SDE, and I have no trouble seeing individual pixels. The SDE is less than the Vive i own, but still not good enough. It’s close, but the SDE is annoying.

EDIT (after some more use): At first the SDE is very annoying, but I got used to it after a while.The SDE pattern is different than the Vive.

The image is very sharp, and reading cockpit instruments and HUD is no problem. Even the F-16 HUD in Prepar3D v4.3 is readable, and that HUD is difficult to read even on a monitor.

The wide FOV is causing various challenges with image distortion and causing wrong “world scale” (objects is to large or small in the VR world) depending on the FOV settting and if “use paralell projection” is on og off, and depenting on the game.

EDIT (after some more use): _After some more use I kinda get used to the slightly fishbowl image, the massive FOV kinda outweight the negatives. The image is a little strange at first, but after a while, and playing with “parallel projection” and FOV settings, I get more used to the “new” image - compared to the Vive.

There is a significant lag/delay when I am moving/turning my head. It is not a tracking issue (I have two vive base stations). There are some ms delay from I turn my head until the world move in the headset. The delay it way to big, and I can easily get sick if the game is a “fast paced action game”, or I turn my head a lot and fast.

EDIT (after some more use): This lag/delay depents on the game, FOV setting and “parallel projection” on/off setting. I can adjust between these setting to get an acceptable outcome… and by using the Pimax 5k+ more.

I hope these issues is solvable with firmware and software (PiTool) updates…but I am not sure. Perhaps the wide FOV, the screens used, and the way the lenses is constructed these issuses wil allways be there.

I prefer to use the small FOV because of the issues mentioned above. The clarity and sharpness is good, and with a small FOV the motion delay seems lower, and I get less problems with wrong “world scale”. However, using small FOV is not really what the Pimax is all about, right?

EDIT (after some more use): In some games I initially prefered to use the low FOV, but after a while (getting more used to the “fishbowl” image) I prefer the large FOV, and the super wide FOV when on Large is growing on me…

I will give the Pimax 5k+ a 2 out of 5 stars…not worth the price really, and it is unfinished. If firrmware and PiTool updates fix the issues, I will give 4 out of 5 stars.

EDIT (after some more use): I give the Pimax 5k+ a 3 out of 5 stars in its current state. If these image distortion issues are fixed with software and firmware updates, I will give the Pimax 5k+ a 4 out of 5 stars. However, it is really not worth the steep price in my opinion - not now.

My hardware: RTX 2080Ti and Intel i9 9900k (64 MB ram and M2)

PS: @SweViver @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV Acording to your review(s) “everything” was fine with the HMD…??? EDIT: (after some more use) Maybe is was better at that time, perhaps firmware and PiTool updates have made the experience worse after you guys reviewed it - I dont know…


Backer or ore order?

Try Prepared3d 4.2. 4.3 is broken on pimax I beleive.

Headset was good at time of youtubers review. BW is just rolled out & WiP.

Yeah I was a bit disappointed with the SDE but as the days go by it botheres less and less . I don’t see the lag issue at all so I suspect you have some kind of software or configuration issue .

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I got mine a couple of days ago off ebay. Still have my rift. Thought the sde was way better. You have too look for it rather than being able to see it no bother
Playing elite with 5k+, the text is immeasurably better, the colours not so good, the comfort not quite as good and the fov…
Play on small is still better than rift and the quality is excellent. Go to normal and the quality takes a considerable hit. In my view its a kind of future proofing. No gpu can run what we want. 1080 or 1080ti for small. 2080ti might run normal on slightly lesser settings. Next gen 7 nm might run wide?

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Are you a backer or pre ordee?

@Heliosurge I am a pre-order 1000+ (something, cant remember exact)

@Heliosurge Have you tried Prepar3D 4.2/4.3/4.4 in singe pass VR, not “stereo” mode (setting in P3D menu). I am using either Large FOV and uncheck “Parallel projection”, or Normal FOV and checked PL in PiTool.

No matter what I do in the PiTool or in P3D v4.3 I get these strange white texture flickering in my far right peripheral vision. They are there only when I set P3D to “Singe pass” in the P3D VR menu, not when I set “Steroe pass”. However, the performance in “Stereo” in P3D is way to low, and the clouds and water dont render correct in each eye when using “stereo”.

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@Fomatter, Yeah, after some more use I get more and more used to the “new” experience…the super wide FOV and clarity is really good.


@IronmanG yeah, I guess you are right. The SDE is…there, but the sharpness and wide FOV makes up for it…kinda. The “fishbowl?” image is strange at first, but I am getting more used to it now.


I haven’t myself but @cfukpixie had reported on issues with 4.3 renderimg mesh?