Short cable for 8KX?

Just curious. Would a shorter, say 3 m long cable improve the performance of the 8KX?
I only play simulators in seated position and would not require a 5 m cable.


It would reduce the likelihood of EMF on your video signal (think sparkly bright dots everywhere).

In what way would a short cable improve performance in a VR headset though?

Is this a trend in VR headset modders who’ve shortened their Oculus/Vive headsets?

It’s an interesting idea but unless it’s been tested it seems unlikely Pimax would ever offer a short cable for seated VR users due to the cost/benefit ratio for them as a vendor.


I don’t know. That is why I asked the question.

If a very long cable, like 10 m, poses problems for the 8KX, my rationale is that a short cable may be beneficial.

It’s more like there’s a point where the signal becomes too weak and the amount of noise becomes too high to “deliver” the signal “cleanly” or deliver it at all.

Exactly. That is why a short cable would have less signal loss and therefore be more beneficial for seated gamers. I think that this could be a nice option.

Or it would improve the signal integrity because of the lower signal attenuation. But I would not call it “improve the performace”, because it should not change the “performance” in any way, since the cable should be designed to mitigate all the factors mentioned above (EMI, signal drop off, etc.).

If you are asking if it safe to use shorter cable, yes it is safe, if the cable is rated for DP 1.4 and well built. But if you use 2m sh*tty cable, you may have the problems and you may be perfectly OK with 5m quality cable.


Thank you for the explanation! My other thought was that for me in the seated position there would be less of excess cable laying around.