Shipping to Spain 115USD?

Hi guys, trying to buy the Backer Upgrade Plan A + Plan E. That is, Pimax 8KX + Controllers + Base Stations. Shipping is 115USD? Isn’t a bit high? Also, no Paypal available?
Any answer would be appreciated!

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You cant use Paypal on backer version, shipment sound abit high payed 79usd to Sweden.


Ok. Sent them an email. Waiting for a reply. 115USD is too high!
This is the second time I need to write an email to them because the first time, shipping marked 800USD!
I cannot understand how a company that has managed to create such a good VR Headset can’t manage correctly their own website. I’m amazed!

Just to let you guys know.
Yes, 115 USD for shipping to Spain of the full bundle. I think I’ll pass for the moment.

As much as I want the 8KX I’m just to afraid to get it to be honest. I just don’t have the trust in this company. A shame. Maybe in the future.

Dear Pingaloka:
I hope it is not too late. I have been talked to China colleague regarding your shipping fee, Robin Weng said you should be get refund, so please do not worry, soon they will contact you and assist you to get the refund.

we appreciate your business.



Thank you @Amy.



You are welcome , you deserve. We are sorry for the delay. Thanks.