Shipping to Canada with impending U.S. Tariff changes

If I understand correctly (how I would love to be wrong) the increase in tariffs will affect Canadians when we receive our pledfe if routed through the U.S.

Can @deletedpimaxrep1 or @Pimax-Support comment on this and if so PLEASE do not ship through the U.S. to Canada.


I believe there was supposed to be a warehouse in Canada they were going to ship from. I would really hate if they shipped from the US.

My girlfriend just ordered a special lightbulb and on a $25 item she paid $20 on shipping and $38 of import fees, since it went through the states and got hit with US-China tariffs then Canada-US tariffs in transit.

In june this year Vancouver was a promising base for VR. Also for Asian based trade.

Maybe Film-O should open up in Canada for sure. Trump is not going away soon. It seems USA is going medieval on us with all their reactionary BS. Canada is the road ahead for VR. Don’t count on USA. But don’t dismiss California either. Maybe on state level they can make things happen too. California alone is the 5th economy in the world if it were a nation on itself.

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@Heliosurge this topic has gotten really off topic. Can you please move all the Trump politics stuff somewhere else so that we can solve the question regarding shipping to Canada?

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Pimax will solve the problem i believe they said.

@Heliosurge, I’ve moved the posts, as requested.