Shipping Soap Opera! You have been warned! 😜

Thanks for your 2 cents there buddy. Please stay on topic

Sorry you right. I keep forgetting the “It’s a kickstarter” part. All good. Thx

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I make reference to my earlier comment to your side kick. Thank you.


"dozens of finished products before the holiday " LOL! How do you feel dear Pimax backers:)? Am I too negative? Sorry, but this is hilarious. Such a big project and such a failure. As VR enthusiast I’m looking on Pimax 8/5k project with interest, but this is bananas. ‘Dozens before holiday’? And we talking just about HMD (pretty useless without tracking and controllers). People, seriously, snap out of it and let get Pimax known what you thinking about their lies (‘mass production’ in june. LOL). This company just can’t deliver what they promised. And instead to be honest, month after month after month they, deceiving consumers with promises. Honest company would say: sorry guys, we just can’t deliver full working product.

In the current situation and pace, it looks like Pimax 8 / 5k as commercial product is a failure. Maybe they will provide delivery only for backers (and only HMD) and it will take the whole next year.


Thanks for your contribution to the forums, its been enlightening… :rolling_eyes:


Well he got a point… :confused:
(the failure thing I don’t agree though)

Not really, nothing I’ve seen looks like a “failure”. This was a kickstarter creating a fairly unique product, not a pre-order for established products. We know the communication has been poor, along with estimates. I’m sure lots of brick walls and hurdles were met that were unexpected that they haven’t told us about. but this is the first time we’ve actually got decent movement and transparency, prefer that to wooly promises, just more regular status updates.

As much as I agree pimax could have done a better job on communication, there is nothing in that comment I can agree with.


Yes it’s the poor and partly untruthful communication that has created a lot of doubts and desperation.
With a better communication and explanations of the delays it’d be ok, but silence and lies yes lies doesnt help. :confused:

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LOL you’re talking about negativity? You are possibly the most negative/condescending/annoying person on these forums. JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!

Didn’t you sell your pledge like a year ago? Why do you still invest so much time into trolling on these forums?


Haha, thank you for your very positive comments. You should go work for a church with that kind of positivity, you’re so much better than us, the critical people with your endless positive way of posting, just like @Axacuatl

Isn’t that obvious? We’re getting paid by HTC to make Pimax look bad. It’s not really that they’re lying continually to us. Of course they didn’t ship HMD’s out to their business clients first, they would NEVER choose making a quick buck over ethics. They would NEVER first ship to paying business clients instead of the backers who already have paid. Pimax is not like that at all. They’re people of their words and can be trusted. We just say things to make them look bad so that people will buy Vive .

He doesn’t deserve your attention


And you’re too kind too Trevor, thank you for your warm words. I feel welcome here

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When you say us, I assume you mean the backers (a group which you aren’t a part of), right? So that means you can’t really say “us”, because you aren’t part of that exclusive group.

Is there a reason you have to turn every single thread into a whining rant about how you’re so unhappy with Pimax as a company? I’m sure most of the backers aren’t happy about how this whole situation unfolded, but we (unlike you) actually have money invested and would like to see Pimax succeed (unlike you).

Also, can you show some proof about your comment that Pimax is shipping to business customers first? I’ll wait (by the way, a random person saying Pimax shipped to business customers first on the forums is not a credible source).


Yes, we’re getting paid by HTC.

Well Pimax first officially said that they would ship to business clients, remember? Then people got angry, they said it was not correct for Pimax to first ship to paying business clients instead of the backers who made everything possible in the first place. Then Pimax said “ah yes, you guys are right, we will now first ship to the backers”. Then they said they started mass production months ago. Then they said they manufactured 250 HMD’s before Berlin. And now they’re shipping … 14 !! Well to me 1+1 = 2. But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m just saying stuff like that because HTC pays me.

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You’re saying things again with no source, link? Proof?

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@Sjef asking honestly is there everything ok in your life, do you WANT to be hated? Why is that you seem to want piss everyone off?


Well Xunshu noted several times that they’d first ship to business clients:

Then some people got angry and then they said “ok then we’ll first ship to backers”. Do you need me to find that post too?

Hmm good question. I’ll ask my psychologist tomorrow during my evaluation meeting, they might let me out of the madhouse soon. But I could ask you the same: why do you want to be loved by your fellow forum users? Why do you HATE the people who voice criticism towards Pimax and do you feel the need to release that hatred at any given moment?

@Sjef Please don’t go away mad. Just go away.

From what I have seen, ever since you sold your pledge your posts have added nothing constructive to these forums. All you do is complain and harass. If you can’t control yourself and since you no longer have a stake in the success/failure of the Pimax headsets, I suggest you find some other forum to join where you can actually add something of value to the conversations.


Well thank you for your very constructive post. I really appreciate constructive posts like yours. You’re making the world a better place.