Shipping costs reduced for Backers ($8.5 to UK), I paid $60, Can I get Refund?

I couldn’t find another post about this, as a Backer I ordered Plan C within a few minutes of becoming available after Pimax Day. I paid $60.50 Delivery to UK. Now the plans have been updated and Backers that order now are only asked to pay $8.5.
I would like a refund $60.51 - $8.5 = $52.01. (Ticket #20,796).
How many others are in the same situation, and perhaps didn’t even know that Delivery charges were reduced? I don’t know about other countries, only checked the UK.

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any idea what the new charges for plan F are?

Interesting. Shipping is still 60$ in the US for D. Kind of ridiculous to be honest. It’s not as though they’re shipping them from China directly to us. No way it should cost 60$ to ship a package of such weight in the US.

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How come? Still it is 35 dollars for Canada in Plan F? So unfair… At least there must be a system and a solid explanation from Pimax!

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They messed up shipment cost again Fox, I tested and now it say 564.53 for shipment, they charged me 79usd when i orded.

I had the same query on my order. This is the reply: "The shipping fee was wrong because change the currency from CNY to USD, the shipping fee should be 60$, not 8.5usd, really sorry for the mistake."

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Hi @Fox2002, Thank you for sharing. It seems that the delivery cost is abnormal again. Our engineers are analyzing, sorry for the inconvenience.

Any plans to lower shipping costs? 60$ for shipping is pretty crazy by today’s standards.


If you Think about it not that much first they send it depo then from depo to you.

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