Shipping address confirmation about Pimax 8K in english?

Have we received an email confirming the shipping address in English?
@Pimax-Support @Matthew.Xu
but who are we from Spain … how am I going to send my address (street name, portal, door, etc …) in English?

then I will have distribution problems with my mail in Spain.

my address etc … can not be translated.

I bought a lot online outside of Spain and I have never had shipping problems and I have never had to translate my address on any page. (amazon, aliexpress, ebay, etc …)
I do not understand the meaning of this email requesting address in inges by Pimax.

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Yes and i just re-submitted my address in full english.

Actually no, you put your address in your language, so i did too. Because all they care is the country. Once the package is in your country, you country’s courier will read your address and deliver your package to your house. Is dat simple. I thought just the same that i needed my address translated to english but NO, you put it in your native language. Wut?! You have your ebay’s delivery address in english? Please now…


In my opinion, you just need to avoid using special characters like “~” or “°”.

Some transport companies don t accept them.


Is there a new email requesting this? The last email I received was relative to the survey, after that I did not receive any other. Do I need to worry? This email was sent to everyone?

@Matthew.Xu @deletedpimaxrep1 @PimaxVR

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I dont receive email, im from portugal and my adress have special characters like ~ . i dont no if i will receive it… @Matthew.Xu can you give an answer what do you mean “with confirming the shipping address in English”


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I imagine that the emails have been sent by sponsor number.
that’s why the first sponsors have received this last mail.

the rest will be rebiciendo by order as they progress.

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So, your sponsor number(Backer number) is a lower number, is this correct?

Mine is 1161

Yes, correct.
my number is 149

Hi guys, sorry for the inconvenience.

We thought English is an international language and just wanted to send the package to you smoothly. If you indeed can not translate your current consignee address into the standard English address, please ignore this request and just reply your situation to :slight_smile:

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Do you perhaps mean latin characters? Because the term “standard english address” makes no sense at all. At least not in the western world (as far as I know)…

The problem is: which request? I did not get any. What I asked is if I was supposed to have received this request (Which I did not receive).:confounded:

It seems to be a manual emails. So just be patient. I got mine and im around the 250s

I guess they mean in ASCII character :slight_smile: The latin characters (apart from cyrilic and greek) are used by all western languages, but still there is quite a lot of funny ones among them which might be difficult to print in China.

@Pimax-Support just please make sure you have the country right and then the local post will handle the (for you exotic) address quite fine. If you ship through distribution centers then those are already in the region and should be able to handle regional addresses well too.


Thanks, I agree with you and will report your direction to the team.:slight_smile:

Goodnight. I am from Mexico, and send my address in my Spanish language. Fortunately I am finding out thanks to this forum that there are problems with the shipment if I did not send my address in English. It is important to say that “they have not notified me anything about it by e-mail”. I would like to know what procedure I must follow to avoid problems with the sending of the PIMAX 8K. Thanks for your attention.

Hmmm, I’m 317 so I guess getting closer

Could you tell how many sponsors were sent the address confirmation email and how many Pimax 8k units will be available for the first batch of shipments?
Thank you

Hi guys, actually we negotiated with some logistics companies, some of them need standard English address and others don’t need it, for which reason we requested for some backers to make future packages double-safe. I think @risa2000 is right. So please don’t worry about this subject if the team doesn’t send you the similar email or phone call in the future.

OK thanks @Pimax-Support

But can you answer how many units of Pimax 8k are available for the first batch of shipments, if the planned dates are kept?

Thank you