Shadow of Images when turning head

Anyone else have a issue were if they look at a menu or an object, that object may appear all over the screen as a shadow or dark image? Its like a copy of the object dead center overlaying the game.

If you have the oled version then that might be black smear from pixel lag when being turned off to on. They are trying to fix this in latest beta pitool so try that maybe?

It could also be the smooth motion interpolation is causing ghosting so turn it off in pitool to see if that helps.

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I have a 5K BE, I think it is ghosting that sound right. A dark image that shadows over the screen. If I switch between the smoothing it does clear the screen but eventually it will ghost again, turned on or off. So it is safe to assume at this point that are aware of the issue and working on it?

It seems they are yes as the beta pitool has an attempt at fixing it.

Fingers crossed they work something out soon :slight_smile: