Setup guide location?

I just know I’ll going to be spanked for this but where’s the step by step setup guide for the HMD’s. I’ve stumbled around for a bit, but haven’t found one. I assume the headsets do not come with a guide?

I have a Rift, so that software is installed. I know nothing about steam software at all?

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After installing the pitool and steam client first, you can install steamvr from the tools in the library of the steam client.

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Thanks, I’ll get started installing that, but still isn’t there a setup guide for pimax? Do you just run the tool?

Seems like there would be a “getting started” link somewhere, or is that in the Pimax box?

With all the people getting headsets, I’m surprised I haven’t really seen this question pop up?

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I think sweviver made a video about setting up the Pimax

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In the banner topic 5k 8k directory there is a Getting started faq link it’s a wki post. The directory also has a variety of useful links.

Which headst did you receive?

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Heliosurge, I have not gotten it yet, but, as things are wrapping up, I want to prepare now. I’m in the US and waiting on a 5K+

Thanks, I found the link! I’m thinking that should be a direct link at the top of the forum due to it’s importance? I missed it on a initial search.

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Problem with pinning toics is we get top many topics pinned. Why we put important links in the banner.

Now with Dallas & the team adding tagging. Try search click on advanced & you can search tags as well.