Server down?

It seems that does not answer today, or i have been blacklisted. :laughing:

Up again, fixed. :wink:

Please get links for my new Pimax !!! :triomphe:

What do you mean by this?

Hello, :sourire:

I have just received my Pimax 4k and I am delighted, however I do not manage to download these drivers on your site or forum despite the advice on it.
So it’s impossible to use the pimax 4k currently.
Yet by connecting it to the PC, it was recognized, but the image was not good, but I see my windows desktop.
But after a period of inactivity, the Pimax is put on standby, since I have no more image in this one and is no longer detected by windows as display.
The pimax lights up yet green …
Help me please, thanks :sweat_smile:

I don’t work for PIMAX but am willing to help. What happens when you try to download the PiPlay software?

Make sure you also correctly meet all of the requirements and closely following all of the installation steps. See this link:

I don’t having download PiPlay

Can you download it from here?

No is download crash or stop on 90%…:joy:

That’s odd. I was just able to download it. Anyway, try this:

Thanks i try now :slight_smile:

Ok, let me know so I can delete it when you are done

I do not understand! Even with your link, I download an empty file impossible to launch !?
I’m starting to go crazy :triumph:

Maybe there is a problem with your browser or system or network connection. Try a different system? See if you can do it on your smartphone. If so, then copy it over to your system via wifi from the phone.

I now try to download it with microsoft Edge

Same thing, know as if I was waiting for the download for nothing.
I try to download something else and no problem at this time.
I do not understand!?

Maybe your system has some type of virus scanner or checker that is blocking the file because it is an .exe file? Let me rename it to .txt. Then see what happens.

Ok thanks, i scan virus my computer for this time. :inexpressif:

OK, try it now using this link: