Separate Nose Guard for Comfort Kit available?

Is it possible to get a separate nose guard for the comfort kit - or must I buy a full comfort kit for replacement?



Good Question but i think you have to print it by your self :innocent:

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Hi @Simp thanks, I think it should be a no brainer to provide a few of these nose guards extra, specially in these Corona times. But for printing it yourself: is there a stl file somewhere available for the comfort kit nose guard?

I think i See Things Like that in thingiverse
But i think have to print in tpu :wink:


The nose guard is not available to purchase at this moment. You might need to get a full comfort kit for replacement. Or else you can try to 3D print it.


Thanks for the quick answer @PimaxQuorra that‘s very unfortunate, certainly in these times.

Would Pimax be willing to Share a 3D file for printing the nose guard to Support its Clients to Stay Safe?


We might need to talk to research whether we can get the STL file for the nose guard.
If possible, we gonna try our best to get it.



Thanks for the effort @PimaxQuorra I think it really would be good stuff to make it available!

All the best!

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