Sensor positions

Where exactly is the position sensor on the 5k+?
When I put my hands on it to move or remove it (access to the keyboard, menus in games etc…) I lose contact with the base.
Thank you.
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There are many sensors. If touching it anywhere causes a loss, there may be something on the USB network which is interfering somehow. I wish I could be more specific, since I’ve read about these issues on this forum, but unfortunately I don’t remember the exact info. Another possibility is that reflective surfaces like glass, chrome, mirrored, etc. are interfering (a little) with the lighthouse sensing and your hand “tips it over the edge”.

There’s a template for the headset which has the sensor positions, I’ll see if I can find it.

Ah… found one. The hexagonal holes are so that the headset cover doesn’t block the sensors, as are the gaps centered above and below the chevron.


I believe a few people had issues with other USB devices not being grounded (might have been wheels or sim rigs) and grounding them mitigated the issue.

They grounded them by running a wire from the chassis of the rig or wheel or whatever it was to the chassis of the PC.


The schéma with ‘’ hexagonals holes’’ was à good response.
Thanks at all.


Hi, does the headset just lose its location when you move it? Do you have any other operations? Thanks.