Selling Pimax 8KX Backer Box (Brand New)

Hello. I’m selling my brand new Pimax 8KX backer box. This box includes:

  1. KDMAS - Kickstarter Deluxe Audio Strap

  2. Comfort Kit with Foam

  3. Thick foam insert

  4. Soft ear cups

  5. Silicon sleeve

I also have the base stations available if you’re interested.

I’m asking $190 plus shipping, but I’m willing to consider reasonable offers. I’m located in New Hampshire in the United States.

Thanks for looking, and please don’t hesitate ask if you have any questions.


Just a small correction, if it is a backer box, it came with KDMAS (Kickstarter DMAS), which fits only the older “non-Vision” headsets and is not supposed to work with 8k+ and 8k-X.


Actually it is reported to work with Vision Headsets. Though at least with 8kX it seems to require using the Y cable in the left headphone Jack.


You should post the region your in and clarify I presume :us: $.

Just so folks may have a better idea on potential shipping cost.

Risa is correct; you should say Backer Box and clarify it is Kickstarter DMAS as it is not the unreleased DMAS with said BMR drivers Index has.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It’s difficult to keep track of all the Pimax revisions, as it seems a new one arrives every month.

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Thank you very much for clarifying that and for you location suggestion. I really appreciate your feedback! I’ve made the suggested modifications to my post. Thanks again!


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