Selling my 8KX - Southern California

Finally received my Kickstarter Backer Pimax Vision 8KX! I am in Southern California.

Verified the headset is in perfect working order with latest PiTools release.

This listing is for the headset and it’s included accessories only, no base stations or controller are included.

The current bid is less than retail and it will be ending shortly!


you dont like the headset?

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The headset is great. I had to use the software IPD adjustments to prevent myself from going cross-eyed, but once everything was dialed in it was comfortable.

On widest FOV setting and turning my head left and right I notice a bit of barrel distortion, could have been software related though.

I really enjoyed playing Airborn for the few minutes I tested it. With the extra-wide FOV it was exhilarating.

I will most likely repurchase the headset down the line once I have a PC suitable for such a beastly resolution and frame rate. Until that time, I’ll choose to have some extra cash in hand in these uncertain times.


Thats a pitty,that will be always be there,with their lens design…

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I have upgraded your user level and added you to Earlybackers Group and added backer bling.

Disconcerting when people want to offload the flagship almost as soon as they get it.
I read through though, it was a long wait and times have changed.

Hope you get a good price :slight_smile:

EDIT: seems you did.

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Easy to see why some are tempted to sale when you can get $1500 for it…not really disconcerting when viewed from that context. There are enough highly positive reviews out to know that it is a quality headset for most of those who have received it so far.


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