Selling 8K Plus +DAS Mod - nearly unused, without any dead pixels or snow pixels / good DPcable, with warranty/invoice

Hello guys,

I am selling a 8K Plus with the DAS Mod and the needed Adapters. The Headset was only used for a few hours. The HMD does not have any dead pixels or snow Pixels / faulty DPcable.

The only downside is that the audio jacks does not function right. I solved this issue with a other audio cable from the pc to the DAS (not included).

-original packaging
-Standard soft headstrap
-power supply, EU
-Deluxe Audio Strap, also like new condition/tested
-DAS Mod Adapters
-invoice / warranty

For the price make me a offer.
Selling without the DAS is also possible.
Shipping Company would be the buyers choice!
Payment method would be paypal, but only with the option friends and family.
If the buyer sends me the payment via the business option I will send it back immediately.
You can trust me, if in doubt, I will show you my Ebay profile.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions.
If you are interested, send me a PM.

Update 2th of september: Make me a offer how much the 8K Plus is worth for you!!!
I will reply as fast as possible!

Best Pascal

You can sell for any price you like but why 1200 EUR when new 8k+ costs 762 EUR and DAS 80 EUR?

Welcome to europe :slight_smile:
If you are in the USA then you do not have to pay any taxes and fees like in europe.
And suddenly you are in this Price range.
If you buy it from immersive Display as example it costs 1200€ without the DAS, also the same on Amazon.
Also the DAS costs in Germany usually 200 euros

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Wow didn’t know. That sucks, I just checked and in NY we have ~9% tax. In EU it’s 23%…


No Problem, yeah it is kind of annoying, but it has also good sides.
Like for the health system and a lot of other Things.


True, health system in US is a cancer :confused:
But I don’t wanna do offtopic here. Good luck :+1:


I know that, and because of that i am very glad that we have such a good health system in germany. I am thankfull for that everyday. Thanks :slight_smile:


UPDATE: Make me a offer how much the 8K Plus is worth for you!!! I will reply as fast as possible!

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