Seeking Dawn - vr game on pimax

I saw a few days ago vr game “Seeking Dawn”, like 5€ on Steam:

I like it, it is kind of James Cameron’s Avatar world in VR, mostly FPS, but a little bit crafting included. There are many options for moving, and a nice “backpack” where I can switch weapon in 1 second.
Graphic is great, just maybe too demanding (more optimization is welcome). It is not easy to have proper frames per second.
I play it in pimaxx 5k+ (1080Ti), small fov only (others are too demanding, but for this game small is enough). Also Pitool ss1,5, and Steam ss 0.9 (about 2750x2750pixels). Do not reduce in game ss1.2, as then quality is bad.
The rest of settings use from here:

PS: this game is like Fallout4 vr, you can not run it properly, but it is so beautiful that you can not stop playing either :slight_smile:

EDIT: Paralel projection not needed!


Thanks for reminding me about this. I forgot I had this on Rift but put it away until I got Index ctrls. It played badly with wands.
Will have to spend more time to see if there are any issues, but Oculus version seems to play nice with Index.

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No problems with wands, might be updated lately. Only, I made grip mod and it is much easier for me (i.e. climbing, taking objects…)

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More VR content I my Steam Library now, looks really cool :+1:

Thanks, looks impressive hope it gets more optimization. Great sale price :slight_smile:

One question as I didn’t spot the answer - does it require Parallel Projections?

let’s find out today :grin: as I purchased it but am @ work now

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Ha ha snap! I will find out later too!

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race ya’ :grin: 2020

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No need for pp! I wasn’t 100% sure, so I had to check it again :slight_smile:

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aaaah damn :smile: I lost the race :grin:
thanks BrzJoe for clearing that up :+1:


BrziJoe is the only winner here! Thanks from me too :+1:

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Well had a quick blast on the single player and so far this is a pretty well thought out and polished VR title with some impressive visuals.

Minimal trouble getting started and running at a nice steady 45FPS with PT 2, SVR 0.25 (my current default if an app can handle it) and in-game High detail. Looks good with this. Didn’t spot any in-game SS options in the menu though.

Only things I noticed - Valve Index controllers working, but doesn’t pick up the grip correctly. Clearly made for Wands first. Solved it by switching to Trigger in the menu. Edit - will check SVR apparently it’s a wrong default binding

Inventory system is good, except I didn’t spot a way to quickly add food, which slows things down a little. Other item types seem fine. Might just be me, will check again later.

Can’t quite believe this is less than £5 / €5 right now. Very much a AAA VR title and on first impressions, so I highly recommend it :+1: Thanks for letting us know @BrziJoe!


Theres a free veraion and a paid version. I tried the free version it was crap. I remember shooting pumpkins for some reason.

Reviews are mixed on the full version but Its on viveport so I may give it another go.

This reminds me I really liked gunheart I should jump back into that one. It also has co-op.

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Sure, I can only comment based on an hour or so on this version, but some of the complaints in the reviews don’t seem to apply any more, probably patched.

I’m using an i9 and 2080 Ti though, so performance might still struggle on lower spec systems.

Gunheart rings a bell, will take a look. Co-op sounds good although I’m not a fan of ‘wave’ shooters. That said, no idea yet what Seeking Dawn offers in mp

I’m encouraged to hear that it’s a large sp campaign with drop in / out co-op - and a save file in either mode can be loaded in the other. Rare to find something flexible like this :+1:

Gunheart isnt a wave shooter.


OK great :+1:



Seeking Dawn… most of the time i’m Seeking Pr0n


Lol. I have yet to find Dawn, I’m sure she is very talented…