Sebastian Video

At 5:26 Sebastian said " … So i cannot tell you if this is awesome or if this sucks. I DON’T KNOW YET. I HAVE JUST UNBOXED IT but even after i did these tests i will not be able to let you know. I will let Pimax Know "

So when he said “do not worry …we have lots of feedback” … he is referring to the great work is going to do

Thank you Sebastian
Thank you Beta Testers


dude, maybe i am high but i think he did some testing in the 3 days between that video and the livestream where he made the other comments.


In any event lets not spin out of control folks. No need to step backwards. All the testers will do their best to help pimax release amazing headsets.

There will be bumps as this is a new frontier, not a revisit.


Did you ever consider being a tester?

Yes. However there are key reasons why I shouldn’t be a tester at this time.

  1. No lighthouses & controllers. So wouldn’t be able to test tracking or games that need it.

  2. I require a gpu upgrade as my r9 390 is below the min req spec.

  3. There are users with more experience due to testing a wide range of headsets & some have access to be able to test a range of gpus on both Nvidia & Amd fronts. Some even have access or own special testing equipment.


Got it, would have enjoyed your opinion though. Yeah you need those lighthouses… :slight_smile:


Well I did as I am sure you know had tried the v2 prototype & was quite impressed with it at that stage of development.

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Sell your right leg, divorce, whatever it takes, upgrade your gpu :slight_smile:


Divorce usually leaves you with less money… :sweat_smile:

I appriate your sentiment and dedication to the cause, however


“Don’t get your hopes up”.

:confused: I interpret that as not good news personally. Oh well. Onward we go.

I have personally spent more than 70 hours this week on testing Pimax in games apps etc and I will continue all weekend of course. At least 8-9 hours a day, even while I’m at work. Please let us just do the work and enjoy your day.

And what’s up with all the endless drama and conspiracies? The ONLY reason why the NDA exists is because to get rid of all these speculations and conspiracies. I want nothing else than seeing this product being as close to perfect as possible upon release. Pimax team wants that as well. But we are not there yet.

Im not sure every single backer would like to spend 95% of their free time the first weeks time testing stuff IF they work. Let us just do the hard work.

Please… :smirk:


Keep up the good work @SwiViver


People simply need to have patience during this process - myself included. Thanks for all your effort and keep up the good work!


Thanks for all your hard work, @SweViver. I really appreciate it.

While it’s hard to be patient, after the various delays, I agree with your approach. I think the vast majority of backers all want the headset to be as good as possible.

Also, I’ll take your reply as indicating that the headset is working fairly well. If it was fundamentally broken in some way, you wouldn’t be spending “70 hours” per week testing it, imo.


Please dont give ambiguous statements like that… If there is a clarification you would like to make here please do before someone hooks into and goes to town

I personally believe this means you are “not done testing yet(not there yet)” but… it has some wiggle room with the wording and we know what happens when there any ambiguity at all


Ofc you’d said that. That clerealy shows how much you freaking enjoy the M1.


Yea all these non native English speakers paint themselves in linguistic corners for the semi-autistic here to scream at


nod. the we are not there yet makes clear the need for a round of revisions in their opinion. Honestly i dont need perfect, i just need working as advertised. if the tracking matches vive with 2 base stations, from rest of what i have heard i am happy for them to ship.


There was way to much attention given to the tests to not stir up the nest. A more effective way would have been to make an update that the M1 version is ready and being tested right now. Nothing more, nothing less. There would be still backlash but Pimax wouldn’t have gained the attention it got now. Pimax chose to make the tests public and give it to individuals of the community without giving or allowing any information to the public, which the public is dearly craving for.

Its frustrating. I get why Pimax did this. I know why the NDA exists and in my opinion it is a reasonable approach but still, the frustration is there. Some further test their patience while others are going vocal on the internet. With the gained attention, the latter part got bigger.