Sebastian i really need your help for 8k/5k+ vs Oculus GO SDE

@mixedrealityTV, I should’ve contact you personally, DM or something, but i thought a public post will be even better as in this forum there may be others backers with Oculus GO aswell.

I have never tried the Vive PRO nor the Oddyssey so i can’t really compare the SDE for myself, with my own eyes.

I know 8k is more blurry where 5k+ is really clear due the native resolution and the 5k+ has more SDE than the 8k.

My only question for you @mixedrealityTV, how close is the 5k+ SDE compared to the Oculus GO SDE (maybe some comparasion pictures i think?). I know i’ve seen through some of the @SweViver’s videos from the meeting that someone stated the 5k+ is really close to the Oculus GO SDE but better i think?, but i really need more informations from you aswell as you have an Oculus GO already.

Also a 8k/5k+ SDE comparasion with OCULUS GO would really help me and many others with the Oculus GO aswell choose the right headset, 8k or 5k+.

PS: Im willing to pay you @mixedrealityTV for your time to do those comparison pictures, 8k/5k+ SDE vs Oculus GO SDE.

Thank you so much and waiting for your reply.


Hi @allocen,

no need to pay, I am gonna make this for you and all the others who want to have this comparison!


Bye, Sebastian


Oh man, thank you so much, can’t wait. Please post them here!


Tell us also how black levels are compared to the Go please.