Searching for that bit of No Man's Sky magic

Hi Folks,
I bought NMS on the stength of the promised VR update and sat patiently waiting until it realeased. Then after horrible performance, tried again after each VR patch.
Ok so fast forward to today and I still dont play it because it’s peformance is dog poo !

I have a good rig which has an i7-770, 1080Ti, Asus Hero XI Mobo and 32GB of 3200Mhz Ram.
It pisses me off seeing the performance of this game with FPS:VR running compared to ultimately more complex and gorgeous looking games like ED and the new benchmark game (IMO) HL:Alyx. Smooth as butter, and I also have zero issues with the notoriously bad FO:VR.

So my question: Has anyone got some NVidia or any other settings hidden away that might make this game playable? I found an article on Reddit a while back but it didn’t help much even wth motion smoothing forced on in PiTool.

I buying a RTX 3070 when I can get my hands on one, so hopefully the extra oomph will smooth out the juddery mess. Turning seems to be not too bad, strafing though is proper juddery as is flying over a planets surface. Totally spoils it for me.

Thanks for reading anyway

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Only thing I can think of is trying with PP off if you are not already. There are some issues, but it is playable.

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There might be a few pointers in this thread:


Thanks for that, I’ll dig in…


hard disagree on this being playable without PP , the visual artifacts kill immersion and cause eye strain/headaches on planets. Wish someone would figure out how to fix the broken rendering with an ini setting somewhere similar to the console tricks @NextGenVR came up with to run Alyx without PP


Figuring out a custom command line for NMS would be awesome.

As NMS supports Nexus mods, there’s hope that it could be tweaked.

For example, there’s a VR mod here to clean up the HUD. I haven’t tried it and it’s not Origins compatible, so I’m not suggesting that anyone does, but perhaps something could be done to solve the need for PP

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i tried it here on my rtx 3090 with a i 9900k and 32g,but it is unplayable… very bad performance!Pitool 1.0 and steam 100%

I was able to get it running reasonable on just a 1080ti and later a 2080ti. Your settings must be incredibly unoptimized. (ingame, steam and pitool). I posted my settings in the other thread for reference.

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Your settings are very low, you posted them in another thread and i tested them last night and it looked like i was playing on a playstation 3 mainly because you use the lowest planet quality setting. you also said you play without parallel projection which is miserable

heres your post i used:


The way I see it, without the game devs coming up with a major VR peformance overhaul, you can’t have:

Native res + PP On + high quality settings + high frame rate

Something has to give and it depends on personal preference. I’d rather keep the first two, tweak settings low enough that it’s not too horrible, and then get the lowest acceptable FPS possible to work consistently with motion smoothing and FFR, which is 37/38

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in my testing FFR didnt work with NMS, should i check again?

I haven’t been playing NMS in VR much yet but I will be a lot more from now on. I thought it was working, so definitely worth a recheck. I’ll do the same in case I was mistaken.

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