SDE with the 4K?

I’ve seen people say that they have had some SDE with the 4K. Is this right? Have people really seen some SDE when using the 4K?

I did not notice any SDE at all, with either of the sets I had, and I used the first one a LOT in NoLImits 2, and quite a lot in Osiris New Dawn.

Of all the issues I have had with the 4K, I’ve not witnessed any SDE at all, but I suppose it could be due to the focusing issue I have with the HMD.

Hi @Chucksta

This is more than likely due to the 4k distribution mix up I had mentioned on your YouTube channel previously.

Pimax reseller was selling branded hmd’s as 4k when they were the BE Editions which do not have 4k screens.

Those models had serials starting with 102 where the 1st released 4k had 100 serials.

The community identified them when they hit consumers and advised pimax that contacted the reseller to resolve the stock error.

Some people liked the lower resolution hmd’s as they used oled lens and had no ghosting but did have some sde.

Those that did not want them were allowed to replace then and Pimax took the return and replace costs.
Hope that helps



Ah yeah, that makes sense. Thanks, Eno :slight_smile:

There is a mild sde but it doesn’t look like the regular one most are used to. If you get a very stlill scene/pic if you concentrate you will see rainbow shaped arcs. There is a post long ago describing it with a pic reference.

Okay, that’s interesting.

I did try my damnedest to see any SDE, but saw nothing. I reckon that’s probably due to my inability to focus properly.

With the improvements in the 8K re our ability to focus, it’ll be interesting to see if I do then see what you describe, Heliosurge.

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You could do this experiment: try to augment the supersampling, open virtual desktop and try to read a web page from there. Then try to zoom in and out. You must see that the page if isn’t too zoomed in is not so clear as in your monitor. This is why you could not use your HMD instead of your monitor: screen door effect and low resolution are too high in every HMD actually.