Screens going black shortly after connecting the headset

The image disappears from the screens shortly after I connect the headset.
PiTool reports the headset as working OK, but the LED on the headset is red, and there is no image.
The image comes back, if I unplug the DP connector and plug it in again, but after a moment it dissappears again.

Here’s a video of the problem:

I am connecting the headset using a USB C - DP adapter on my laptop.
The problem started after I attempted a clean install of the video drivers.
I was following this guide:

I have tried to update PiTool and Nvidia drivers, but the problem has not gone away.
Pimax supprot is trying to help me, but they don’t seem to have a quick fix for this.
If there is no easy solution I might just reinstall Windows and maybe see if some older versions of PiTool and Nvidia drivers work better.

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Just did a clean install of older versions of the Nvidia drivers and Pitool, that fixed the problem.
So I guess the lesson is: Be careful with updating, and even more careful with following fancy Youtube tutorials that promise extra FPS :laughing:


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