Samusugs New VR Displays are Incredible!

These are most likely the displays that will be in CV2 models

Looking at the two sample pictures enlarged on my 4K monitor the difference is like night and day!

I wonder if one of these Chinese headset manufactures will use them first as the CV2 isn’t expected for a couple of years?

It all depends when Samsung is ready for mass production of those screens. Could easily take more than a year. But we can always hope of course.

BTW they might show an 11k screen prototype next year already: Samsung Starts Work on an 11K Screen for Phones | Digital Trends

But it’s all about when these screens are ready for mass production, I don’t have any idea though. Several companies are working on 4k screens for VR and we now know about those Samsung screens too. But man I just can’t wait, really hoping they’re hurrying up :slight_smile:

We already got several better solutions than it is in CV1.
DK2 was cost 340$ when it was lunched and Oculus promise affordable consumer version around 400$.
Mark Zuckerberg buy Oculus and price goes sky recket and almost double. Here in Europe CV1 is 650$.
Imagine DK2 with Note4 2560x1440 530PPI instead Note3 1920x1080 380PPI.
Tuday suck DK2 will be best VR on market with afordable price no more than 400$.
And that it is what Oculus promise in the begining and greedy Mark break it by ripping us off.

To clarifies, I’m referring on available technology alrerady available for mass production and prices.
If you check components build in any VR it is based on ordinary PCB’s you can buy individually for few bucks. There is no technology develop specially for VR purpose except Vive laser tracking.