Samsung Odyssey Deluxe Audio Strap Mod

Hey there,

Just an quick overview on progress I had with Samsung Odyssey+ so far, since last G2 related updates they bumped clarity & resolution & with supersampling around 350% I find this display now much more enjoyable than Vive Pro, I almost do not see SDE at all, only on bright scenes, it has best brightness & contrast (on par in some cases, in other better than OG Vive), I didn’t use it last year coz it was too blurry for me but since I’ve seen an update I loved it.

So I didn’t use WMR before & immediately faced these issues:

  1. Awful comfort, it just doesn’t fit my head shape at all
  2. tracking problems
  3. some games show grey screen on start from steamvr

So I had some progress on these points:

1) Comfort:

I used quick hack (it wasn’t quick as HMD disassembling process is quite long, lot of screws, clips, etc) I lost hope but in the end it turned out it was an amazing choice to try to do that, so here we have DAS adapted to Odyssey +:

Initially I used weak velcro & it didnt work, but this one from amazon did the trick:

I still have issue with top hook for strap it holds ok but detaches from the PLA clip once per 3/4 hrs if you tighten HMD strong, so I used it just as prove of concept from Pimax & plan to create another CAD that will be bolted to the HMD chassis

I have studio creation counter weight (received recently) & it works really well for this case as well, balanced HMD properly

Then I had hard time with cushion, I tried Oculus Q1 silicon bracket with Index VRCover thick cushion (sold only as packet with magnet bracket + thin cushion for Index)

And wow it was so comfort, I had to remove standard nose light leak protector as it hurts my nose but Q1 silicon nose protector works fine, it wobbles a lot & it’s not comfy to put HMD on/off but when you wear it, there is no any issues for me apart of small light leak between 2 brackets, I plan to CAD bracket what will imitate Q1 socket on one side & replicate Odyssey velcro form on another, so I can stick velcro on it, attach to HMD & from another side attach natively silicone Quest bracket, so it’s still in todo list

Well, then I like Samsung Odyssey+, I kinda find good Index audio, but for me it doesn’t work good, I constantly hit speakers & needs to readjust it, it sounds ok, but I wouldn’t say it’s incredible & find on ear speakers better, but index audio is better than DAS speakers, however I really like Odyssey+ speakers, they really comfy + sound much cleaner than DAS speakers and have good base, so I decided to keep speakers & made quick adapters that work perfectly fine for me & do correct pressure - not much to bother ears & not too less to loose basses & small details, it still has rotation & vertical adjustments of native AKG mount system + drivers itself have some degree of freedom to adapt to different ears form, so if you interested you can try on your own, but I didn’t upload to thingeverse, maybe later, don’t have much time now + it can be subjective approach, but it works great for me:

CAD link: Onshape

Thingiverse: Samsung Odyssey Plus Audio To HTC DAS Adapter by pruban - Thingiverse

2) Tracking Issues

I had some crashes & couldn’t figure out why it happens & crashes happen only in certain games like DCS & not in others, so it appeared that HMD losses the tracking, as you see on photos I have white solid colour walls, so solution was to put some boxes with a lot of graphic in front of cameras so HMD has always some reference as it seems using geometry & optics & isn’t reliable if you space has not much details, but once boxes were fixed, it started to remember boundaries + 6dof started to work properly.

Also I don’t like WMR controllers & they consume too much battery, I enabled multiple drivers & binded Index controllers with open space calibrator & it works like a charm for majority of application but not for games like dirt rally 2 or DCS, coz it has specific openvr process I guess & if you have your controllers on when you start game screen goes grey, I tried to install all betas or stable for WMR plugin & steam vr, also installed latest win 10 20h2 updates + nvidia drivers - no luck, i need to check other ways of pairing cntrollers, but those games also dont work with openvr advanced settings so i believe its a common openvr/xr collision caused by games implementation & driver software itself.

However I found a workaround as both are sims, I just use bluetooth keyboard with trackpad & click WIN button, it opens WMR overlay & you can open desktop in there, position it properly with mouse (trackpad) & launch DCS, ingame I don’t more need the keyabord as all controls are bound to hotas & it’s stick for clicking cockpit & I don’t use motion controllers usually, so it’s still very comfy.

Some observations & benefits of this HMD for me:

  1. It’s best OLED Ive seen so far, but Vive Pro is still very decent & has some advantages like more sharp picture but not that much sharp & SDE (not the size of pixes but distance between them) makes Pro less enjoyable than Odyssey+ but all cockpit number still perfectly fine in Pro with 300+ super sampling.

It has very bright colours & e.g. knobs for adjusting aiming in aircraft looks absolutely spectacular, you can have small issues with in distance objects but it’s better than on Vive Pro, but you almost don’t see SDE, I guess SDE is level of Q2 or even better, Q2 is sharper in native but it’s close when it in link mode, but it’s greyish.

  1. it has very big advantage as it hides jagged edges much better than LCD (aliasing), it just looks so much better with 2X MFAA only, natural picture, adds a lot to immersion to me

  2. sky is very bright, colours popping out

  3. I didn’t like at all MS WMR portal but now find it quite useful as it allows you to operate with mouse from steamvr witthout knuckles or with hotas thumbstick binded to mouse, very handy

  4. Comfort one of the best of my HMDs I have, it’s lightweeight after removing metal pieces from halo strap

  5. Sound is spectacular, better than HTC DAS, I like it more than Index, but I know there will be people who prefer Index more

Disadvantages of this HMD for me:

  1. Clunky & prone to bugs software, WMR & SteamWR itself is ok, but in combination of updates/different version it tends to crash, but once figured out it’s tolarable, some confilicts with openspace or other similar tools calibrator & multiple drivers on with some game - doesn’t let you to use e.g. knuckles in DCS as desktop input device

  2. Sweetspot is ok but could be better, it’s blurry on sides but very clear in centre

  3. Slight - medium MURA, its better than in OG Rift but milles worse than in Vive Pro, but I assume it’s not that bad as in 8KX, it doesn’t bother me

  4. Ive got one dead pixel (didn’t note it, seems it’s since receiving the HMD), although it’s on top left corner & is prominent only in black screens.

  5. The picture became much sharper than before update with 300% supersampling, but you still can feel the SDE filter it causes softness of the image & slight blur, but it’s not that bad as it was before update, so I like this image more than other HMDs I have like Index, Q2, Comos Elite, Vive Pro, I played Index last 1-2 months & with apache strap & counterweight it became enjoyable, but Odyssey with comfort mode now is better for me

  6. Lot of hassle to fix the comfort

  7. it fogged initially, but once I removed nose gap & changed to Oculus Q1 silicone strap it became much better as average HMD, it still foggs but I can play 3-4 hrs without wiping

So overall Im very pleased by this mod & what it gives, I learned from Pimax that if I don’t like HMD I have to try to analyse & try to fix if that’s fixable, as I liked image after update comfort & software issues just were fixable cons, which I now fixed & can play games I usually play, there are still some todos, but even now the result is great.

Update, finished top loop for HTC DAS head strap, bolted version, uploaded it here: Samsung Odyssey Plus HTC DAS Top Strap Adapter by pruban - Thingiverse

CAD link: Onshape

Not it sits firmly & I can tighten strap as strong as I need without any problems, I used self tapped screws) from the Samsung O+ screws which I have after disassembling. Works great for me, uploaded if somebody will try to mod O+ to HTC Das as well in future, some photos:


posted adapters on thingiverse: Samsung Odyssey Plus Audio To HTC DAS Adapter by pruban - Thingiverse

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posting here for someone who will want to mod O+ with HTC DAS in future, I just finished top head strap adapter to mount HTC DAS with O+ in bolted version without any velcro, I kept mine from previous mod which detached from time to time, but it should work fine without any velcro buffer just with plain plastic, updated OP thread above in the end of it with photos + uploaded STL & CAD link:

CAD link: Onshape

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