Samsung 1200ppi + JDI 1001ppi panel videos

Video for two upcoming VR panels as demonstrated yesterday at Displayweek.

First part is Samsung:

  • 3840 * 2160 resolution (for 2 panels, so 1920*2160 per panel)
  • 1200 ppi
  • 120 hz
  • OLED
  • 2.43" panel

Second part the JDI:

  • 2160(w)*2432(h) resolution
  • 1001 ppi
  • 120 hz
  • 2.2 ms response time
  • 3.25" panel

And when we’ll have this:

  • JDI plans to start commercial shipments by the end of March in 2019
  • Samsung no indication yet

The JDI panel looks much more interesting, not only because it has 27% more pixels, but more importantly, the bigger size makes it much better suitable for a wider FoV.


Looks amazing unfortunately I think it will be bittersweet , I honestly think all the 8K Has to do is to be good enough for now ,FOV is just as important as resolution when people try it it’ll be hard to go back . I hate the fact that I have to move my head to the left or to the right just to see what I want to see feels unnatural .


I really love the colours of the samsung, they seem quite a bit better than the JDI (oled vs LCD of course). But I think it will be hard to reach a high FoV with the samsung because of it’s small size.

I agree of course, all future HMD’s should be high FoV. But who knows, with the right optics they might be able to get a wide FoV out of 2.4"

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JDI plans to start commercial shipments by the end of March in 2019

are they aiming for VR or just something totally different…can’t imagine the VR world is gonna see a explosion mainstream by 2019. it is still a niche market. And lots of competition is coming, wonder if they do VR they gonna even
make decent profit? And if they do make profit, will he the HMD cost like A LOT…

Just thinkin who would buy those screens at that time…what company. We just had this year a surge of new HMD, i assume company like microsoft /samsung/lenovo/acer etc need to sell the hmd of this year to make profit before they continue to make a new hmd…then sales ofthe old type would go bad because its already competing against each other.

HTC VIVE PRO also came out this year. Don’t expect them to make every year a new HMD, They also want to sell the pro and make profit.

Think 8k pimax will serve us fine till 2020, 2020 seem more realistic for the next GEn hmd (200fov/120hz/4k-8k as a standard+vibrant colors)

I think it will all depend on price. JDI always sells products at a very reasonable price so I’m guessing that these panels won’t even cost that much. And then any company can put them in their own HMD.

Not just that. You can see on video how size is another factor for SDE. JDI got 200 lover PPI but the display is significantly larger so need less magnification to stretch the picture. This also means less magnified pixels. To get some value for measuring SDE will be PPI / Lens magnification factor. So end results is in the end like Samsung got 240 VR PPI vs 330 VR PPI for JDI.

Why don’t see any INT display.

Jump to 20:30 for VR displays.


@Sofian Thank you for great news.
Real 4K per eye, very impressive~!


Yeah Boe is coming up with some really nice gear. Supposedly in a year their new factory is ready and they’ll be able to mass produce these babies.